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CHITRAL – Land Of Beautiful Valleys

Nature has blessed Pakistan with beautiful valleys, its gold like mountains, springs, lakes, lush green fields attract people, which is why a large number of people go to visit these beautiful places during the holidays. Even now, after months of lockdowns, people try to relieve their mental fatigue by visiting these beautiful places. Those who want to visit the beautiful district of Chitral in Pakistan these days, must read this article, because we are providing information about Chitral in it, which allows the readers to know about this beautiful valley in advance. It will be easy for them to get around.

Chitral is considered to be the most peaceful area of ​​Pakistan, the largest district of Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The main city is located near the Chitral River (also known as the Kantar River). Chitral is also the name of a tehsil of Chitral district. Due to Chitral, the language of Khowar is also called Chitrali and the people of Chitral are also called Chitrali. It is located at the foot of Trich Mir district, the highest peak in the Hindu Kush range. It is bordered by the Wakhan belt of Afghanistan which separates it from the countries of Central Asia. It was given district status and then attached to the Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Kalash Valley:

The Kalashi area in Chitral is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its culture and lush valleys invite people from all over the world to come here. On October 16, 2019, British Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton also came here.


People here celebrate two big and two small festivals, including Chilam Josh and Chomos. Chumos is the most important and popular festival, which lasts for 14 days. This festival is celebrated in December. The second major festival of the Kalash tribe is Chilam Josh, which is celebrated at the end of winter and the arrival of spring. With the announcement of this festival, the painful conditions of winter are relieved and spring is welcomed.



This valley is considered to be the best valley of Chitral in terms of facilities. Tourists from all over Pakistan definitely visit this valley. There are various guest houses, where people can easily stay.



The small areas of Rimbor Valley are not so popular with the local tourists as there are not many facilities here but still the foreign tourists are eager to visit here and explore the natural valleys here. There are only three guest houses here, let those who want to go here know that there is a guest house on the left side of Groom Valley, where you have to pay Rs. 2 to 3 thousand per person to stay, prices change depending on the season, holidays Rents go up a lot during the season, and local food is readily available. People here warmly welcome tourists.

Trich Mir:

Trich Mir is actually one of the longest peaks of all the mountain ranges which is also the highest in Hindu Kush. The whole area is visible from here, which is why various hotels and tourist spots have been built here, Can take memorable photos while viewing. Adventure enthusiasts can camp, hike and climb mountains here.

Tirch Mir

Chitral Museum:

If you have visited Chitral and want to see its culture up close, you must visit the Chitral Museum, as it has antique jewelery, various tools, antique traditional furniture and other archeological objects and pictures.

Chitral Museum

Shahi Masjid, Chitral:

It is the first large mosque in Chitral to accommodate 6,000 people at a time. The style of construction of this mosque is very similar to Jamia Masjid Golden Peshawar. Therefore, by coming here and seeing the minbar of the mosque, the ancient culture begins to revolve in the minds of tourists.

Shahi Mosque Chitral

Hot spring:

Garm Chashma is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Chitral. The water from ordinary springs is usually cold water but the water here is hot. The locals believe that the hot water of this spring is beneficial for many diseases, so some people also come here for treatment.

Avon Valley:

It is the gateway to Kalash and Nuristan. It is popular with tourists because of its peak, water and grassy land. The lush green fields soothe the eyes and soul of the tourists.

Shandor Polo Ground:

It is considered to be the highest polo ground in the world. Tourists have to travel 4 hours to reach here. The stadium hosts various matches each year. As polo is the most popular sport in the Chitral Valley, thousands of people take part in the Shandor Polo Festival held here.


It is the last frontier village on the Wakhan belt, about 250 km from Chitral city. Recently, the Brugel Festival was also held here. The Brugel Festival is a magnet for tourists who come here to enjoy the musical activities as well as the white glaciers, rivers, lakes and high mountain ranges.

What to do in Chitral:

Tourists should try to stay in the guest houses of local houses, this will bring income to the locals and you can get good local home-cooked food. Before taking pictures while walking in the valley, But you must get permission from women.

Take the help of a tour guide, so that with the help of the locals you can get around Chitral well.

If you are planning to visit Chitral and Kalash, then the best time to visit is between April and July, when Kalash celebrates three different festivals.

Tourists who come here first come by air at Islamabad Airport, then they can reach Chitral by road in a jeep or car.