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Kids, Teens, and Gaming Disorder

In July, the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan banned the popular online game PubG (Player in Non-Battle Ground) and shut it down across Pakistan, but the Islamabad High Court revoked the PTA’s notification. And now this game is being played all over Pakistan.

Ban on Online Video Games:

Currently, there are many countries in the world where such video games have been completely banned, including India, China, Iraq and Iraq. The video game was banned, but was later allowed there again.

Adverse effects of online game:

Due to this game, mental stress is increasing among the youth and they play this game day and night without being aware of the world, due to which their mental and physical health is being affected. At the same time, violence is on the rise among the youth due to these games, their patience and endurance are declining. Young people play these games so much that they do not like other activities and these games remain on their minds, which is having a negative impact on the performance of their other activities. At the same time, their eyesight is deteriorating due to playing online games all the time, and they are also gaining weight due to playing in the same place all the time.

Students who are more prone to video games are also affected by their academic performance, as they are constantly thinking of playing the game and winning it. Many people can play at the same time in Pub G. Also, while playing this game, you have to collect guns etc. to reach the target of killing 99 people, only after that the player wins the match. A game of this kind where the spirit of violence is growing among the youth. There have also been reports of suicides among young people around the world, which is a wake-up call, but the online game is still being played in Pakistan.

Gaming Disorder

In this regard, a fitness trainer who used to play this game a lot, his mental health became so bad that he could no longer concentrate on his work. In addition, it was reported that a young man withdrew Rs. 1.6 million from his father’s account to meet the need for “gear” etc. or devices required to play online games to make it easier in the game.

In addition, young people are suffering from “gaming disorder” due to playing online games. In this disease, young people are obsessed with playing online games and are not interested in doing any routine work.

Symptoms of Gaming Disorder:

Thinking about the game all the time:

If a child uses the name of the game every time he eats, drinks, sleeps and wakes up, or has to finish his meal early so that he can play his game quickly, it means that the child has a gaming disorder.

Not closing the game:

If your child does not want to stop the game and go to work and prefers to play the game. He does not like to stop the game for two minutes and do something else, then knows that your child is suffering from gaming disorder.


Playing despite knowing the negative effects:

If a young person knows what the negative effects of online games are, he is still playing the game after feeling the effects, then he is a victim of gaming disorder.

Leaving entertainment or hobbies:

A young man who used to love playing the piano, or hiking in the mountains, but now he has given up all recreational activities and hobbies and now he is just playing an online game. That he has a gaming disorder.

It is important to note that gaming disorder has been classified as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). Children should be monitored and a specific screen time should be set for them. If they want to play games day and night, then lovingly draw their attention to some other recreational activity so that they may suffer from gaming disorder and improve their physical and mental health. Don’t ruin your health.