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About Us

Expert Pakistani is a dedicated effort to providing quality content over the internet for all people around the world.

ExpertPakistani is the 1st Pakistani blog founded by passionate students. This blog aims to provide legitimate content on different topics.

This could not be possible without the collaboration of different minds; is a prime example of the talent, innovation, passion, and skills the country’s youth possess. Bringing the idea of ExpertPakistani to life and then maintaining its elevated standard was not an easy task. The outlay of the time, effort, and resources consumed in executing this project was not minor by any possible standards.

MISSION & VISION is a legitimate blog to provide the latest news and updates its readers with the information they need. The primary purpose is to provide content to make everyone learn something new daily!

Expert Pakistani is looking for authors from around the world. If you want to be a part of our family, click here!

People Who Participated To Make This Possible

Abdullah K. Rajput 

The Founder of this website. He came up with the idea of providing comprehensive information from his expertise in SEO and Digital Marketing. He grows this blog by including content writers with expertise in other niches.

Aliha Imran 

Chief Content Writer. Along with the founder, Aliha was the first person who started writing content for the ExpertPakistani. She created different niches and started writing articles on them. We welcome all the dynamic writers who are beginners and want to become a part of our team and become independent bloggers. ExpertPakistani is for those students/individuals who want to start their blog but don’t know where to start. Start your journey with us right now!