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Tips To Decorate Your Home Walls

Whenever it comes to enhancing the beauty of the house, the most important thing that comes to mind is to paint the house. It is often said that painting brings new life to the walls. But this thinking is wrong, often the walls look dull and lifeless despite being painted, which is why there are some ways to enhance the beauty of the house and bring life to these dull walls while sitting at home. Let’s find out what’s up.


If the walls are simple, good calendars can give them a new lease of life. Choose a calendar that has different images, or different paintings on them. Older calendars that contain very nice scenes or paintings, even if these calendars are framed and placed on different walls of the house, they start to feel like a living thing.


Wall Art From Thread & Rope:

Wall art can be made by hanging on different walls from jute, makrama or thread, making a watch at home with the help of various cords, there are videos of making makrama at home. They should be kept large in size and put these handmade masterpieces at home in the drawing room or bedroom and bring life to the walls of these rooms.

Wall Art From Thread And Rope

Magazines and Newspapers:

Various magazines, journals and newspapers come to our homes daily, which are left useless after reading and are later thrown away. While these magazines and newspapers can be very useful to you. Magazines and newspapers have beautiful pictures with scenes, as well as magazines with various paintings, scenes or pictures, cut pictures of your favorite dishes or personalities, paintings and scenes from magazines and newspapers and put them on a cardboard. Stick it, then frame it and put it on the walls of the house.

Magazine And Wall Art

Old photos:

Old paintings can play an important role in bringing new life to the walls of a home. Be it pictures of relatives who have passed away, or pictures of family and friends, if they are hung on the walls, the lifeless walls of the house will look adorned with pictures of these precious relatives. Paint a large tree on a wall of the house and put a picture of a family member on each of its branches, this way a “family tree” will be created from the old pictures. If you want, put these old pictures in a big frame, or put 4 to 5 small pictures in a frame with the help of pins. In this way, with the help of these old memorable pictures, life will be seen in the lifeless walls of the house.

Old Photos