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Use 5 useful herbs now to reduce the intensity of heat and get rid of heat

Spending the day in hot weather is the most courageous task because the heat is so intense and at the same time the air feels hot.

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In this case, it is worth using a few useful herbs to protect yourself from the heat, using which you can also stay cool in the heat.


Mint is an inexpensive herb to reduce the intensity of heat. It can be ground into sauces and used in a variety of beverages. Also, wash the mint leaves thoroughly and put them in water and drink it all day long to get rid of waste products and improve gastrointestinal health.


Amla is rich in vitamin C. It is also good for the stomach and plays an important role in boosting the immune system.

Amla controls high blood pressure due to heat.


Sandalwood has a cooling effect. It cleanses the skin caused by heat. The use of sandalwood syrup gives relief in summer.


The use of malthi in summer can not only prevent dehydration and diarrhea but is also useful in viral foods, colds and fevers.

Falsey syrup

Falsey is useful in summer because it contains a large amount of calcium, sodium and potassium which helps in maintaining the level of ions in the body and provides freshness and energy in the heat.

Note: This is general information. See your doctor for more information.