COVID 19: What percentage of patients did not show symptoms of this deadly virus?


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A study by British experts, the results of which surprised everyone.

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According to the details, the British National Bureau of Statistics conducted a study on Corona in England during which the details of the patients were collected.

The agency released data and results of a study of corona patients on Tuesday, which found that 78 per cent of people infected with corona in England showed no symptoms of the virus. Happened

Experts have expressed concern after the results of the research because such a situation is a big risk. The public has been instructed to take precautionary measures more strictly than before.

According to experts, every other person’s corona test came positive, while surprisingly, there were no symptoms.

According to the statistics agency, the team of doctors selected the people of their choice and then also tested them.

It should be noted that these people were living a normal life while these people were not taking any precautionary measures as there were no symptoms of any kind.


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