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Positives of Corona

Corona 1

Covid-19 had a positive impact on our lives and ecosystem??

Planet earth is facing its biggest pandemic after influenza break out, millions infected, and billions suffering worst lockdown ever. Ironically, Corona catastrophe has a few incontestable positives, and I being an optimist must highlight them.

Personal Hygiene & Society

In these unprecedented challenging times, personal hygiene is one of the ways to counter the spread of the virus. Constant hand washing and sanitizing is not only protecting us from corona but at large it’s building an attribute of regular cleanliness. Now none of us forgets to cover their mouth before sneezing, and everyone avoids coughing in public and all this is our social character building. Everyone is missing hangouts with friends and regular outgoing plans. Now we all know the true value of all these little happenings in our life.


 Departmental Growth

In these tough times, Doctors and medical staff have been nothing less than a superhero. These extreme pressure situations are termed as the building of the health department around the globe, by Bryn Nelson.

Traffic Injuries

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death annually, around the globe. Approximately 1.25 million people lose their lives courtesy traffic injuries while 35 million suffer from non-fatal injuries. Since the pandemic broke out and lockdown protocols were introduced traffic movement has decreased drastically worldwide. According to TomTom analysis, traffic movement has decreased up to 85% in major cities throughout the globe. Reduced traffic movement assures that traffic injuries/death graph will show a radical decrease this year.

Ozone Layer (O3 )

The ozone layer is nature’s shield against harmful solar radiations. Human survival is impossible without the ozone shield as it blocks about 98% of harmful rays from the sun. Ozone layer corrodes due to the emission of greenhouse gases and chlorofluorocarbons allowing the destructive Uv rays to pass. In recent years, the Ozone layer had depleted severely with 3 known big holes allowing free passage to Uv rays. Uv rays can be carcinogenic and hence are fatal. Lately, all major factories and industries have been closed and as a result emission of toxic gases is very low and Ozone is recovering. Reports from NASA state that Ozone is healing itself, the diameter of the biggest hole has reduced enormously in the last few months.


Perhaps, the biggest positive corona brought was a decrease in pollution throughout the world. Before, the pandemic broke out environmental pollution was the biggest cause of death around the globe, sharing 23% of the annual death toll on the graph.

Air pollution

 According to WHO’s 2016 report, 91% of the world population inhales polluted air and roughly 4 million people die annually due to lack of fresh air. COx, CFCs, SO2, NOx, VOCs, and PM2.5 are the biggest contributors to air pollution. All these gases are emitted by industries or motor vehicles but lately, neither of them is in mass use so air pollution graph has decreased radically. This decrease in air pollution means comparatively fresher air for us to breathe, and decrease in diseases associated with polluted air.

Air Pollution 2

Water & Noise Pollution

Water is the most essential element of life but unfortunately, only 3% of the water on earth is drinkable. Water sources are constantly polluted by industrial and agricultural waste. In this time of tension and chaos when all industries are closed no waste is dumped in the freshwater sources and hence their purity is maintained. Polluted water is habitat for bacteria of typhoid, diarrhoea, and polio among others. According to a WHO report, about 40% of people living in developed parts of the world were affected by noise pollution. Noise pollution due to air and road traffic and industries is very common in Europe. Noise pollution causes sleep disturbance and is seen to be a cause of high blood pressure. Nowadays, times have changed and people are safe from the entire nuisance that these noises cause.


Every word we utter, everything we see, has more than one perspective, you decide where you want to look.

Is corona a social hazard or is it nature’s master plan of self-healing?