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Is your child taking online classes properly?

The series of online classes has been going on here for the last several months, even these days children are taking online classes due to the closure of schools. Online classes are regular, but is your child motivated for these online classes? When a teacher calls them by name, does he answer them out loud? These are the questions that every parent needs to know.

Parents may be saying that when they get a message from the school that there is a children’s class at some point today, they prepare their children and put them in front of the laptop, tablet, or mobile and then do their chores. I get busy. They don’t see that their child is not sleeping when their teacher is calling their name, is answering them in a proper voice? If they do not speak loudly, the teacher will leave them and address another child. It is very important for parents to keep an eye on their children when they take classes online, whether they are studying or not, or whether they are active while taking classes.


Also see if your child is distracted. Remember that children need a “digital quarantine” when taking online classes, that is, they should be provided with an environment in which they can study attentively, without noise at home. Also check to see if the children are following the teacher’s instructions. If there is a break between the two classes, make sure the children are preparing for the second class, or they just started playing with one class and skipped the other.


Do not sleep while class, do not take a class with an empty stomach:

Whenever children sit down to take a class, they may not be asleep due to lack of sleep, so check to see if the children are getting enough sleep at night. Or maybe he didn’t sleep during class. At the same time, keep the children well open before taking online classes so that they do not feel hungry during the classes. Often children get hungry while taking online classes and they focus on eating and drinking instead of classes. Yes, that’s how they lose their education.

Attention 2

These are not holidays:

Childern takes classes online, but then they play all day? Remember this is not a children’s holiday at all. Now that the children’s schools are about to open, start preparing them. While taking online classes in lockdown, mentally explain to the children that it is school time, like they go to school and study with full concentration, come home after taking classes and do their homework, just like they do now. After taking the online class, they have to do their homework and it is a misunderstanding for them to consider these days as holidays. It is not enough for them to study during the online class but they have to complete the tasks given to them at other times of the day.

Childern Playing