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Top batteries for cars and ups systems

Today’s world would not work without batteries, we have them powering all our gadgets and technology in some form or the other. Cars have batteries to keep their electronics working; this in sync with the mechanical components is what makes a complete machine. Aside from this, they are present in a lot of houses to support the UPS system. A near requirement in Pakistan with the lack of electricity the country faces. This one other use has caused the battery market to expand a huge amount as it isn’t just common at homes but offices as well. Maybe more necessary at offices as wok delays have more of an impact.
There are many different battery brands in Pakistan that produce locally. They also have various kinds of batteries that are used in the market, from older wet cells to tubular batteries. The main batteries used in cars and UPSes are wet batteries or dry batteries, although a better choice for UPSes is a tubular battery. These various types have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one chooses is, of course, a matter of budget as the prices are different for the various types and also the specific need.
Among the many brands in Pakistan one can turn to these 3 for their battery needs:


A brand that had partnered with a subsidiary of one of the largest international producers of batteries, Hawker Batteries UK. This gave them a good insight into battery technology and the process that goes into making them. Osaka produces batteries with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification and has options for the various types so one can purchase what they need and can afford. Osaka has 19 years of experience in the market.


Another brand that was started as a collaboration, this one was with UK based Chloride Group Plc. Exide has a complete catalogue and has a great reputation, having won the top 25 Companies Award 8 times to date. One can choose the specific battery they are looking for based on what they need it for. 


A more recent entrant into the market, Daewoo batteries also has the different types one would need. The brand has a team of Koreans who monitor the quality to make sure it meets the standards set by them. This keeps their products in check, making for a more reliable level of quality. For their tubular batteries, the brand offers a 1-year replacement offer.

Which battery works for you

Among these brands the prices are competitive, making for a slightly better level of affordability. The wet cells being the cheapest option, dry cells come after and tubular batteries are the most expensive. The major reason for this is the complexity of construction increases from wet cells onward, as they are the most basic kind today.
All cars have a specific requirement of current which needs to be met. Batteries have ratings in amperes so a customer can pick the battery that works for their car. For UPSes this is a little different as one could essentially attach any battery, the better the battery the more devices it can support for a longer. A lot of times people have multiple batteries to make sure they have an ample amount of power once the light is gone.
Aside from the requirements, one can take into account their budget and pick a battery from any one of these brands. All of them have a good level of quality with decent customer service in case of issues. The warranties are generally for a year, giving one ample time to know where the battery stands.