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How are commercial pilots trained and licensed in Pakistan?

For the past few days, there has been a lot of noise about fake pilots in Pakistan and at present many pilots’ licenses have been revoked on the same grounds. Now the echo of this controversy is being heard internationally.

However, instead of going into the details of this news, we will tell you how to become a commercial pilot in Pakistan and how to get a pilot’s license?

A pilot needs three types of licenses to fly an aircraft – the first license is called SPL (Student Pilot License) which means you are allowed to fly the aircraft – the second PPL ie Private Pilot There is a license that is obtained after 40 hours of flying and the third is the CPL (Commercial Pilot License) which is obtained after 110 hours of flight.

But there is a long story or preparation behind how to get these licenses – for this, your education should be at least intermediate – you have to get your academic credentials certified by IBCC and this is the Civil Aviation Authority.

How To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot In Pakistan

In addition, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a national identity card. To become a commercial pilot and obtain a license, you must pass about 20 types of medical tests.

These include eye tests, ear and throat tests, your ECG and echo, your chest x-ray, sugar test, urine test and many more special medical tests – 30 to 35 thousand on these medical tests. It costs Rs. And these tests have to be done from CMH Hospital.

Your eyesight should be 6 by 6, whether you wear glasses or not – it doesn’t matter, but you must wear glasses while flying – plus your weight should be according to your height – if you weigh If there is a little extra, the medical certificate is still issued but the weight loss warning is issued with a seal on the top of the certificate.

You then also need security clearance – for this the IB and the relevant police station check you and your family background is also checked.

Training Of Pilots

After all, your flying club issues you a Student Pilot License (SPL) from Civil Aviation – after which you begin training to fly.

But now the heavy financial costs also start – for this you need Rs. 45 to 50 lakhs – in fact during the training the pilot has to deposit money per hour for flying which is received in terms of fuel. In Lahore alone, the fly fee is at least Rs 20,000 to Rs 22,000 per hour. Rs 5 million includes your examination fees and your medical test expenses. Remember that medical tests have to be repeated every year. However, it is certain that you can pay all these fees in different installments if you want.

During the training you will also have to study 14 subjects including biology, weather subject, various types of communication-based subjects and weight and balance-related subjects – then you will also have to take 15 types of exams.

Finally, when you pass all the exams and complete your flying hours from the Flying Club, you are issued a Commercial Pilot License.