7 Myths That Happen In The Home Of Pakistanis That People Believe Blindly


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As Pakistanis, we have heard many myths in our homes since our childhood, which are told to us while we are sitting up and believing them to be true, while they are not even remotely related to reality – but one thing is for sure, these myths are very Interesting things like don’t use empty scissors, there is a fight or if a crow crows on the roof of the house in the morning, think that a guest is coming. Today we will mention 7 such things in front of you.

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Do not use empty scissors.

You may have heard the saying in your house that don’t fight with empty scissors, there is a fight. Don’t try to find out the truth and stay away from scissors.

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Food in the cauldron and storms on the wedding day

If you also eat directly from the cauldron, then know that rain and storms will come on your wedding day. Interestingly, no one is aware of the reality of this myth.

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Hiccups – Someone is remembering

Where someone has a hiccup, Immediately you hear a sentence from behind that someone must be remembering – while this sentence has nothing to do with reality. However, hiccups have to do with water. Drink water and the hiccups will stop.


Breaking glassware is a blessing in disguise.

If a glass vessel breaks, it is generally considered a blessing in disguise in local families. Yes – so stop interpreting luck because there are more stories of misfortune.

Close Up Of A Broken Glass Window.
Close-up of a broken glass window.

Left eye blinking – something bad is going to happen.

If your left eye is blinking, it can certainly be a medical problem – but the trouble starts in the indigenous families at this time because they see it as a prediction of a bad time to come. – And they take precautionary measures against it.

Signs Of Eye Twitching In Pregnancy 1024x700 1

Drinking Milk with Fish- Skin Disease

There are many people in many families who say that eating fish and not drinking milk causes skin diseases – in fact there is no truth in this and it is just a hearsay. Which has reached us by moving from one to another.

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Itching in the right-hand means the arrival of wealth.

Now people are starting to think that it is a joke.

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