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Umme Rubab And Her Inspirational Fight For Justice

Walking barefoot towards justice, Umme Rubab is the lone warrior fighting for justice against Sindh’s influential tribal lords.

Pakistan’s gagged equity framework is frustrating, upsetting, and demotivating. However, just in the event that we have not many saints like Umme Rubab, not exclusively will the equity be served, yet the framework will be compelled to change itself also.

Being distant from everyone else warrior, Rubab has battled against the most impressive shades of malice of our general public. Her battle is multi-dimensional and her battle is broad. She isn’t just battling for her family and nation’s regurgitated ‘populism’, however, she is additionally standing up to the nation’s greatest revile – Pakistan’s feudalism.

In spite of the fact that the excursion to equity is brimming with difficulties in Pakistan in any case if your war is against a primitive ruler and a politically powerful, the obstacles increment complex. The refusal of neighborhood police to seek after charges against a powerful landowning family isn’t something we have not seen before. In reality a tedious sight.



Times and times once more, it has made us understood how the equity framework in the nation is commandeered by the amazing medieval. By making conditions, a self-composed book of laws, and deliberate misuse, these primitive masters have figured out how to save their hold for the longest.

The landowners utilize this impact to advance his political aspirations by cultivating a framework commanded by the medieval force. Because of this very explanation and vested political advantages, rustic police authorities, nearby administrators, and strict pioneers all speak to the medieval master’s inclinations.

Justice For Umme Rubab
Umme Rubab’s fight for justice:

The medieval framework isn’t limited to the political field just and solely. Land possession accordingly interfaces medieval rulers to Pakistan’s different other support systems. Henceforth the casualties are additionally lying in this wide scope of the range.

The complainant, for this situation, Umme Rubab, expressed that the Sardar Khan Chandio (partnered with Pakistan’s People’s Party) continually undermined his sibling, Mukhtiar Ahmed Khan, through various individuals for framing an alliance and driving an obstruction against him.

On 17-01-2018, the complainant, his dad Karam Ullah Khan, siblings Mukhtiar Ahmed Khan and Qabil Hussain, and cousins Aijaz Ahmed and Manzoor Ahmed were remaining outside their home when around 9 am one white Corolla Car and another white Land Cruiser came and showed up. There were six individuals, five of them escaped the vehicle with weapons and arms.

The individual named Burhan Chandio remained in the vehicle and requested the five furnished attackers named Ali Gohar, Ghulam Murtaza, Sikandar Chandio, Zulfiqar Ali and Ghulam Qadir started shooting at them while saying that whoever rebelled against Sardar Khan will meet a similar destiny.