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Call of university exams is trending on Twitter and here is the reason

Recently two significant decisions have been taken by the Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Firstly, every single educational institution will stay close until 15 July. Already, the plan was to open them on first June. Furthermore, all board examinations have been dropped that too the country over. Students will be evaluated on their past performances in board tests.

In any case, the news has created a stir on social media. Many think passing judgment on students dependent on their past performance isn’t reasonable. Individuals who should rehash their tests for better evaluations or numbers will endure extraordinarily including the individuals who have fizzled. Likewise, many are shocked resulting in the way that university examinations will be booked by their separate administration choice and Higher Education Commission. Along these lines, university Students feel this is totally unreasonable and their prosperity is being neglected and ignored.

Likewise, university students will continue examining by means of online meetings which has additionally caused a shock. Students have approached guaranteeing that they are paying costly education costs and consequently the meetings aren’t reasonable or fulfill quality guidelines. Additionally, many have since been requesting a semester break instead of concentrating in a heedless way; particularly, the ones joined up with specialized degrees. A lot of inquiries relating to the choice have surfaced how about we trust in an advancement that results in decency and fairness.