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Shortage Of Panadol causes an increase in dengue fever.

Today the Health-related issues are becoming a worldwide issue. Panadol is used to treat moderate Infections as it provides relief from Pains and helps the body reduce the fever. This Tablet is the most common Tablet used in Pakistan’s medicine. People make extensive use of Panadol for their daily life pains, including Headaches, colds, and flu pain.

The Shortage of Panadol in different areas of Pakistan, especially in Karachi, causes a massive increase in Dengue cases. It is manufactured by the most famed Pharmaceutical Company, GSK. Panadol contains Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen. GSK confirmed in September that the demand for this medicine is increased due to rising DENGUE and COVID-19. The Owners of Medical stores told us that this medicine is not available in the market; the dealer enhances the rate of this medicine that is not affordable for average men.

Shortage of Panadol

Causes of Shortage

The different owners of different medical stores said that the Shortage of Panadol is due to the decrease in production rate, not because of its high demands. Besides this, the public noted that Panadol is soldering in the Black Market. According to Experts, GSK manufactured over 450 million Tablets, which is too much. The government says that the Shortage of this medicine is due to the undefinable prices. The government recently rejected the summary of the increased cost of many daily medications.

Dengue Virus

The Shortage of Panadol causes a massive increase in the cases of dengue fever in Pakistan. As every year, dengue fever is constantly emerging these days and is easily controlled. But nowadays, Dengue fever begins to spread rapidly due to the flood in Pakistan. Because the water is not drained out from that places and in those places, the dengue mosquito produces and causes the rate of Dengue cases to increase in Pakistan. The bite of a mosquito causes dengue. It is a viral Infection. The significant symptoms of the Dengue virus include Fever, Aching muscles and joints, rashes, pains behind the eyes, red eyes, and sore throat. The Tablet quickly cures this mild cause of dengue with Panadol.

Shortage of Panadol causes dengue

Alternative Use of Panadol

It is a noticeable point that whenever Pakistan is facing some problem, the prices of things regarded to that crisis increase from the limit and cause increases in the Crises. Some of this happened with the Panadol. Instead of buying Panadol, th Buyers start buying other medicines that contain Paracetamol. Other brands manufacturing Paracetamol also increase their medicines rate and benefit from the compulsion of other people. 

Stay Safe, travel, explore and protect Pakistan.

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