Ten most Attractive Bridges in the World you should visit.


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Bridges help connect the two edges of the city and the valley over the rivers and waterfalls. The main reason behind the construction of bridges is the comfort of citizens. Here we mention the list of the Top 10 attractive bridges in the world that captive your heart and mind. These bridges represent the hard work and creativity of their remarkable architecture and their modified technology that helped them to make fantastic bridges. 

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1. The Golden Gate Bridge

 Golden Bridge is on the top list of Attractive Bridges. This Bridge is included in the list of most attractive bridges in the world. It is present in the US and connects the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Oceans. Golden Gate Bridge was firstly open in 1937. and it’s considered the most famous largest and tallest bridge in the world, with a height of  227m and a length of 1280m. This bridge consists of Six lanes for traffic. Cyclers, Walkers, Bikers, and all types of people are allowed to make their journey on Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge Attractive Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge, US

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is present in Prague. The main specification of  Charles Bridge is that it is made up of stone that covers the Vltava River and connects Prague’s Old Town and Lesser Town. The length of this bridge is 516 meters, and the width of this bridge is 9.5 meters and is considered the second most attractive bridge in the world. It is 45 years old bridge and was opened for public use in 1402. The main reason for the attraction is that a beautiful view of Prague Chruch can be seen while standing on this bridge.

Image of Charles Bridge the Attractive bridge
Charles Bridge, Prague

3. Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is the third rank on the list of Attractive bridges in the world. It is present in Italy. The most exciting thing about this bridge is that it contains a Shop side. The total length of this bridge is 95 meters, and the entire width of this bridge is 32 meters. This bridge was first opened for public use in 1345, but later, it was damaged by the flood and reopened in the 14th century. This bridge is an arch bridge.

Ponte Vecchio bridge with side shops add this in list of attractive bridges
Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Italy

4. Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct is a steel cable bridge. It is a part of the A75–A71 route from Paris to Bezier and Montpellier. It is situated in southern France. The total length of the Millau Viaduct is 2460 meters, with a width of 32.5 meters and a height of appropriately 336.4 meters. This bridge opened for Public use in 2004. It consists of 4 lanes, two for traffic and two for safety on both sides of the bridge. This bridge is considered the tallest as it is higher than Eiffel Tower. This bridge is the tallest but is regarded as the fourth rank on the Top 10 attractive bridges list.

Steel cable Millau Viaduct bridge are on the fourth rank of Attractive bridge
Millau Viaduct Bridge, Paris

5. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is located in New York as it crosses the East River. This bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. The length of this bridge is 1834 meters, with a width of 26 meters. Brooklyn bridge has five lanes for traffic and allows the only car to travel. Brooklyn Bridge was opened in 1883 and was about 139 years old. The bridge was constructed 14 years ago.

attractive bridge View of Brooklyn Bridge in New York
Brooklyn Bridge, New york

6. Ponte Di Rialto Bridge

This bridge is located in Venice, Italy. This bridge connects San Marco and San Polo. It was rebuilt many times and is now the most attractive Bridge in Venice, Italy. This bridge opened for public use in 1591. The height of the Ponte Di Rialto bridge is 7.32 meters, with a width of 22.90 meters. This bridge is designed in such a splendid way so that the Ships can easily travel. This bridge is on the sixth rank in the list of Attractive Bridges.

Beauty of Ponte Di Rialto Bridge in Venice attract tourist
Ponte Di Rialto Bridge, Venice.

7. Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge is located in Sydney, Australia. It is the world’s tallest bridge, with a height of 134 meters and a width of 48.8 meters, and included in the list of the most attractive bridges. This bridge was opened to the public in 1932. The bridge is for Cars, Trains, walkers, and cyclers, having two tracks for the trains. Sydney Harbour bridge is called “The Coathanger” because this bridge has arch designs. This bridge provides a beautiful view both night and daytime.

 Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney.

8. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is located in London. The Height of this Bridge is 65 meters, and the length of this bridge is 240 meters. The bridge was firstly open in 1894. This bridge is for both Walkers and cars. One most important thing is that this bridge easily folds when the ships have to cross. It is considered the most palpable structure in the world.

Closing of Tower Bridge in London

9. Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Creek Bridge is located in California. This bridge is considered an ideal bridge in California due to its highly modified setting and great architecture. The total length of this bridge is 218 meters, with a height of 85 meters and a width of 7 meters. Bixby Creek Bridge connects San Francisco and Big Sur. This bridge is regarded as a photographic bridge due to the pacific coast.

Bixby Creek Bridge between Mountains over River give attractive look

10. Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge is one of the most historic bridges in Iran. It connects the Khaju quarter with the Zoroastrian Quarter. The total length of this bridge is 137 meters and a width of 21 meters. This bridge is a two-purpose bridge as it connects the two quarters,s and at the same time, it acts as the dam between the two different levels of water.

Khaju Bridge as a Dam and as a bridge

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