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Home » Kim K. is a fan of her Ex, and has a crime podcast coming

Kim K. is a fan of her Ex, and has a crime podcast coming

Potenza said regarding to Kim K that “she was twenty years old, had four kids, and was married to Kanye West,” and that the people of Staten Island expected Davidson’s affair with Kim to end in disaster.

Potenza, who debuted a “King of Staten Island” actor in 2010, speculated that the couple’s multi-ethnic backgrounds could be problematic. He described Pete’s upbringing as normal, saying, “Everyone was startled when he dated Kim.”

Note: Mathira told about her dark secrets of this society on Mooro’s Podcast. Click on the link to read more about Mathira.

The Kim K Interview

The Interview with Kim was sought by Potenza. Because of his excellence, though, most people dislike him. According to US Weekly, Pete was “trying to make himself happy” by concentrating on his job.

A source close to Kim added that her friends and family found her new dating life exciting, despite the fact that he was busy after “SNL.” Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were together for 9 months before breaking up. They were reportedly “smitten” while Pete filmed in Australia and Kim remained in Los Angeles.

Pete has dated Kourtney and Travis, traveled, and walked red carpets until their 2021 SNL kiss fueled relationship rumors (hello, Met Gala). Despite her recent divorce from Pete, Kim gushed over him in an interview. Kim claimed that their affection for him stems from his endearing cuteness.

Kim admired Pete and admitted, “I’m intrigued about his objectives,” but they are highly unlikely to be back together. It was seriously discussed that they should separate. Someone in the know told People in August that it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Since everyone has already agreed, reconciliation is unlikely.

kim and pete

Sigh. After her breakup with Pete, Kim is reportedly eager to start dating again. A reliable source claims, “Her pals are always attempting to set her up.” Another source suggests Kim would date an older man as long as he treated her with respect.

In other words, she can do things on her own. During Season 2 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Pete started dating. Pete is rumored to have already decided on skipping the 2022 Met Gala to propose to his girlfriend.


According to insiders, Pete will have a reduced role on SNL next year. Kim reportedly supports Pete’s PTSD treatment after Kanye West’s online attacks, according to P6. It would help if you collaborated to handle Kanye’s negative postings and comments. The Kardashians season 2 premieres on September 22.