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How to Protect Your Home While You Are Away?

According to statistics, around 1.5 million burglaries took place in our country in 2018. If you can’t afford an expensive security system then still there’s a way to protect your home from burglars? There are simple and effective ways that will make your home your fortress and even discourage thieves from breaking into your property.

Hide valuables belonging while strangers are in your home.

When a plumber is fixing something under your sink, they have enough time to have a look around. They could be bad guys who inform their accomplices. Since most burglars aim for cash, jewelry, and electronics. It will be easy and appealing for them to snatch them immediately if you leave any of these items out. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all plumbers and other workers are burglars. But you should always be careful! There are so many companies on the market these days offering house maintenance services could turn out to be a hoax. It’s better to get recommendations from friends and family.

Don’t let a thief hear your phone ringing

Some use a landline phone trick. When they call your home phone and wait for an answer, if no one picks up phone it means that nobody’s home. If you mute or lower the sound you’ll confuse a potential burglar since they won’t hear any sound.

Install a reliable lock

According to statistics, it takes burglars between 90 seconds and 12 minutes to break into a home. 34% of cases saw an entry game through the front door. The locks most at risk of lock snapping are cylinder ones. The locks that are opened with lever keys. It’s a good idea to lock your door with a pin tumbler and lever key. This is the most reliable combination to ensure your house has the maximum protection. Get a grade 1 or grade 2 heavy-duty deadbolt lot. It doesn’t have any springs in it that’s why it’s known as dead. Never your label keys as this makes it so much easier for burglars to find and break into your home if you lose them. Also, thieves know all too well about your top-secret hiding spots or keys under doormats or among fake rocks to name a few. Instead, leave your spare key with a neighbor or someone else you trust. You can install a smart lock if you are looking for a fancier solution. It can be controlled from your smartphone. It could be a supplement to your deadbolt that’ll keep track and inform you of any front door activity. You can control the door remotely while you’re away.


Protect your windows

Through first floor windows, many burglars make their way to enter a property. FBI report shows that around 23% of burglars choose this way of entering the home. If you live on the first or second floor then you must consider installing grills. Buy grills that can be unlocked so that you should have an escape route in case of an emergency. If grills don’t sound like a desirable means of protection to you reinforce the windows themselves, use protective film security screens or shatterproof glass.


Take care of the territory surrounding your property

Do you know what burglars are looking for? Abandoned homes that no one will ever care about in the event of a break-in. If you have a house, don’t let burglars think that no one lives there. Make sure to take care of the lawn in the summer and keep the paths clean in winter. Trim the shrubbery around the entrance to rob criminals of a hiding spot by your front door. It’ll make thieves think twice before attempting to get in. Make sure that the police will easily identify your house. You should put a large reflective number on your house and mailbox. Do you know burglars like to get into dark houses to win some extra moments to get out again. I am talking about those few extra seconds the police will take to find your house. Those seconds will count. Finally, walk around your neighborhood to check if it has any graffiti or trash. You can organize a cleanup with your neighbors or ask the Public Work Department to help make it a better place. Not only this will make the area more beautiful but it will send an important message to criminals. They’ll come to know that the people who live in the area care about it and each other. And that neighborhood is unlikely to stay quiet if someone tries to rob the house next to them.

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Use thieves’ fear against them.

Putting out a sign that says protected property can scare them off. This trick will make them think twice before breaking in.

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Dispose of boxes for expensive items correctly

If you’re throwing away a box from a new TV or refrigerator, you’re likely to attract potential burglars who will want to steal your new item to avoid trouble. Tear the box apart before throwing it away.

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Imagine you’re leaving your home for a while, you’re already in the street and you suddenly notice a strange person. They might be waiting for you to leave so they can break-in. Don’t be shy. Turn around and wave your hand as if someone stayed at home for.

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Check your locks

If the burglars have tried to open your lock before you open the door and enter your home then there must be scratches on your lock. Check your locks so you can react quickly if there’s an emergency.


Let Sunlight In

If windows are curtained for a few days in a row, it can indicate that nobody’s home. There aren’t a lot of people who like to live without sunlight. Make sure you don’t completely close your curtains when you leave your property. This will make the illusion that you are home.

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Put Plants with Abrasive Foliage in Front of Your Fence and Windows

To turn an ordinary fence into a barrier, plant something with abrasive foliage like a dog rose or dewberry plant. You can also plant roses right down your windows. All these plants will make burglars aim really challenging. Breaking into your house will not only be difficult but because of locks or security systems but also be physically painful.

Don’t give out any information over the phone

You should be careful with unfamiliar service companies that call and ask questions about your workplace and hours or about people who live with you. It’s one of the method thieves used to find out the history of your property and the most suitable time for breaking in. According to research statistics most burglars choose to break into homes between 10 am and 3 pm, when most people are supposed to be at work.

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