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Dog Lovers And Cat Lovers: Personality Traits

People are the same in many ways no matter where you are in the world but there are also a lot of differences depending upon the situation and environment. The things we are surrounded with have their effects on us and they also tell about our personality traits.

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Find out what your pet choice says about you

Your pets are also a source of information about you like if you are a cat lover you tend to be more introvert and composed while being a dog lover tells that you are more energetic and a wild soul. 

Here are some ways in which dog lovers and cat lovers distinguish themselves from each other as well as other people.

1. Dog Lovers Are Loyal

Just like their beloved pets, dog people are caring and loyal to those who are around them. Well, they certainly don’t have a tail to show their compassion but you will feel this amazing energy and warmth in their presence. They also have an elevated sense of discipline and duty.

2. Cat Lovers Are Naturally Curious

Cat people are silent souls of night. They explore the world in a gentle and graceful manner. Their calm nature makes them seem composed and magnetic to everything around them. They have this non-traditional way of thinking and doing things which also reveals their artistic mentality.

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3. Dog Lovers Are More Confident

According to several studies conducted by researchers, dog-loving personalities show signs of greater confidence as compared to their cat-loving community. Their extrovert nature separates them and makes them stand apart from others. They are more likely to go and enjoy the openness of nature.

4. Cat Lovers Are Loner

Cat people have a sensitive core and seek a longlasting affectionate relationship. They are very selective when it comes to social interactions and socializing. This makes them appear quite independent and loners who like their space and privacy. They are comparatively more cautious than their dog-loving neighbour community and take time before putting their trust in someone.

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5. Dog Lovers Are Agreeable

Being a Dog person, others will find you very agreeable and charming. You will be better at situations which require people management skills and negotiations. That also means you are easy to read almost predictable and both these qualities have pros and cons.

6. Cat lovers Are Impulsive Sometimes 

If you are someone who gets anxious and stressed when around new people and in new situations, then you are most likely a cat person. It is not some kind of medical issue or instability it is just your nature that you actually have to be mentally present and prepared before time. You like your comfortable and controlled environment in which nothing goes out of proportion.

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7.  There Are More Dog Lovers

If you look at the numbers dog community is ahead of the cat community as more people prefer dogs as their pets than cats. So you will find more like you if you are dog lover but worry not even cat people have more space and time for themselves and that’s exactly what they want. Having less like you makes you feel unique and appreciated.

Summary Of Traits

Dog people are generally :

  • Loyal
  • Obedient
  • Extrovert
  • Confident
  • Social

On the other hand, Cat people are : 

  • Creative 
  • Intelligent
  • Introvert
  • Analytical
  • Selective