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7 Things That Make The House Look Dirty

A clean home not only looks good but also has positive effects. The house should always be kept clean and tidy. Any kind of chaos creates disruption and negation. Sometimes we clean the house with all our heart and soul but still ignore a few things that make the house feel dirty or ugly to the viewers despite a million cleaning. What are those things?

Crowds of things on the kitchen slab

We all know that there are a lot of things scattered on the kitchen slab but this clutter also makes the kitchen look dirty – you should put fewer things on your kitchen slab and that too in order – one time in the kitchen. I do one job and clean up after one job is done and then start another job.

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Stinky wipes and cleaning cloths

If the clothes and wipers you use for cleaning are found lying in a dirty and smelly corner of the house, they also have a negative effect – so it is important to take care of these items if they are also clean in the kitchen. And if they are present in order, then the kitchen will look beautiful.


Things spread on the dining table

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves, but it is important to keep our dining room clean and tidy. We understand that cutlery, tissues, salt and pepper, sauces, and pickles should be close to you while eating, but that doesn’t mean you should bring your own kitchen drawers to the table.


Cloth basket without a lid

Laundry baskets make the room ugly because of smelly and dirty clothes – always try to buy a laundry basket with a lid on it – so that even if it is placed in the bedroom, it will not look ugly.

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It has often been observed that the balconies of small houses are full of plants and chairs. Keep your balcony to a minimum and if you want to plant here, take care of seating arrangements, and do not clutter the space unnecessarily.


Power button

Dirty electric boards and buttons also tarnish the beauty of the house. When painting or cleaning the house, you must clean these boards as well.

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Trash can

No one likes an open trash can and it also stinks – always keep a trash can with a lid on it – and always keep it in a place where no one can see it.

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