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AM I Suffering From Depression… Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

Are you disappointed in yourself? Does life seem unfair? Do you feel abandoned? It is okay to feel depressed from time to time. But if the world is getting darker with every passing day, then it can be alarming. If these feelings persist for more than two weeks, it can be a sign of depression.

After anxiety, the most common mental health disorder is depression.

According to WHO, depression has affected 264 million people worldwide.

So, now you know, you are never alone!

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Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression:

Symptoms of Depression are never specific. They usually vary from individual to individual. The National Institute Of Mental Health advice a call for action upon the advent of following symptoms:

  1. Loss of interest in your favourite things & hobbies
  2. Persistent sadness, hopelessness, and irritability
  3. Feelings of guilt
  4. Suicidal thoughts
  5. Change in weight and appetite
  6. Bowel Problems e.g., diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting etc.
  7. Less energy accompanied by fatigue.
  8. Aches including headache, backache etc.

Zung Self-Rating Scale:

Another option to analyze yourself for depression is Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale. It will provide you with a score according to your answers.

It states

  1. 25-43= No Depression
  2. 50-59= Mild to Moderate Depression
  3. 60-69= Moderate to Severe Depression
  4. 70 or over= Severe Depression

You can check by counting your score or look into online tools to rate for you. It is the first line, super authentic self-rating depression scale. So, if you are not willing to visit a psychiatrist, self analyze yourself on this scale.

Visit a Psychiatrist!

Depression is as common as cough and flu! The social dilemma, personal negligence and fears make diagnosis difficult.

A running from depression is running with it!

It’s okay to get diagnosed, have depression and get treatment. In other case it can blanket you, leaving no chance to run away.

And it’s never too late!

Talk to anyone you trust. Believe me, your family and friends are always there for you.

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Fight With Depression

Visit your physician or certified psychiatrist.

Take the prescribed medication.

Start enjoying the colors of life again!

The beauty of the world had never gone. It’s you who started ignoring butterflies!