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6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Hot Tea In Summer Season

It might sound a bit crazy to some people. But, people do like drinking hot tea even in the hottest summer days. Someone who understands the human body from the perspective of Chinese medicine, well, the westerns are committing a hideos crime; drinking chilled beverages or iced drinks.

Keep in mind that the stomach is a “yang” organ, which means that is has hot and active properties. In other words, you can think of your stomach as the stove of your body. So, in order to maintain our energy and metabolism, our internal fire must be kept burning. Because everyone needs the fire to digest the food and assimilate it into nutrients for the entire body.

Why Choosing Hot Tea Reflects Self-Love:

Discover the reasons why opting for hot beverages over chilled ones is considered a powerful act of self-love. Read on to learn more.

Reason #1:

While cold water may appear refreshing in the summer, it surprisingly has a paradoxical effect on the body. Drinking cold water leads the body to compensate for the temperature difference by producing more heat, potentially resulting in overheating, sunstroke, and dizziness. On the contrary, indulging in warm tea allows the body to naturally relax, cool down, and achieve a balanced temperature without requiring excessive heat generation.

Reason #2:

Especially during hot and humid weather, hot tea can benefit digestion. These conditions can cause the body to accumulate excess internal heat and dampness, which can lead to illness. Consuming cold foods and beverages, including icy drinks, can weaken digestion, particularly after a meal, by impeding blood flow to the digestive system. Savoring warm tea during and after meals supports optimal digestion and maintains the health of your digestive organs.

Reason #3:

Warm tea also plays a role in strengthening the immune system. Cold drinks can accelerate the movement of the gastrointestinal tract, hindering proper nutrient absorption by the organs. Over time, insufficient nutrient intake can render the organs more susceptible to cold-related illnesses. In contrast, warm teas enhance circulation and facilitate nutrient absorption, bolstering the immune system’s functionality.

Reason #4:

Lung health depends not only on factors like smoking and genetics but also on the long-term accumulation of cold in the body, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This accumulation can weaken lung function and raise the risk of chronic conditions such as sinus infections, allergies, hay fever, and asthma. TCM highlights the stomach-lung connection, emphasizing the significance of a healthy stomach for optimal lung function. Excessive cold entering the body can also constrict blood vessels in the throat, making it susceptible to pathogenic influences. By consuming warm beverages, the body maintains a warmer temperature, promoting healthier lungs.

Reason #5:

Promoting healthy blood flow, hot tea can help prevent reproductive issues. Excessive consumption of cold water can have detrimental effects on the reproductive system, leading to menstrual disorders, cramps, and potential impairments like infertility. Moreover, the accumulation of cold in the body creates a conducive environment for bacteria, Candida, and parasites due to moisture and dampness.

Reason #6:

If weight loss is your goal, warm tea can serve as a beneficial aid. Contrary to the belief that ice water boosts metabolism, cold substances actually decrease the internal heat necessary for an active metabolism. Cold environments can also contribute to the solidification of fat within the body. Conversely, warm liquids, including tea, can facilitate the utilization of fat stores for energy, supporting weight loss. Additionally, avoiding ice in drinks can help you reconnect with your body’s signals of fullness, as ice numbs sensations and reduces swelling, similar to its effects on a bruise.