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What To Do For Dry Skin In Winters?

Cold weather is a favorite season for many people, but the dry winds that come with it are annoying and dry skin, cracked lips and cracked heels are some of the gifts of this season that anyone can enjoy. Doesn’t – and after taking a bath in this difficulty, it increases even more when the whole body becomes dry and itching starts everywhere due to this dryness. Eliminate these effects of dryness in winter season. Here are some simple tips we can tell you about today:

1: Massage the skin before bathing

Before taking a bath, lightly massage any oil on the skin including mustard, coconut or olive oil. After that, take a bath.

Massage Oil

2: Avoid taking long baths

On the one hand, do not use very hot water for bathing in cold weather, because very hot water removes the natural oil from the skin and makes the skin dry and dull, so take lukewarm water for bathing. Also, taking a long bath dries the skin, so be careful not to take a long bath.

Woman Taking Shower Alone

3: Use body lotion after bathing

After bathing, do not clean the body by rubbing it with a towel, but dry it with light hands and after drying the body, apply body lotion on the body. This will eliminate the dryness on the body and soften the skin.

Actually Use Body Lotion

4: Elimination of drought through diet

Eat more fish this season because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that keep the skin oily and fresh. Also, make it a habit to drink milk daily before going to bed. This will also increase natural fat.

Dry Skin Foods

5: Water use

Usually people drink less water in cold weather. It is also a cause of dry skin. Water is a tonic to keep the skin fresh. Therefore, use more water even in cold weather so that it is toxic. Substances can be easily removed and the skin stays fresh.

Benefits Of Drinking Water