Be Aware!! Women are at high risk for strokes…


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It’s little talked about and deadly once again it’s the mindset that stroke is a disease of men so if it doesn’t affect a woman. And she doesn’t even need to think about what the symptoms are. But research shows women are at high risk. Three out of every five strokes in different parts of the world occur in women so the majority recurring in women and that’s largely because women have a larger life span. Women are twice as likely to die from a stroke as men. One of the causes thought to be under-recognition of symptoms. It’s amazing that even up to 60% of women don’t recognize that weakness on one side of the body is the sign of the stroke. There is a possibility women experience some atypical symptoms likely related to hormonal differences.

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One study shows that actually women reported more often either a decreased level of consciousness or an actual loss of consciousness. Additionally, there were more reports of pain particularly headaches or pain on the affected side of the body. Right now researchers are looking into whether women have separate risk factors for stroke and whether they may respond differently to therapies. And so there’s still a lot to be learned and it is just now recognized that women are equally affected maybe even more so than men by these diseases.


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