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A Beautiful Journey To Lahore

Travelling is something that has always been a part of my imaginations and dreams. It is like a therapy to just lower the noise of every day’s never-ending routine. Sometimes you feel like experiencing new places and people just so you can get a bigger view of things and appreciate the blessings of life. 

In the end, life is not all about collecting material things, experiences and memories that we make in life with new people and places influence our mind and body. People and places that we may meet and see only once in our lifetime.

One of the most memorable things in my last summer was a trip to Lahore. A city which doesn’t need any introduction for itself due to its well-known reputation and amazing people. Well, when one of my best buddies made a plan to visit Lahore and asked me to join him. I was just waiting for something interesting so I tagged along and it turned out to be a blast. 

Islamabad To Lahore

So began our journey to Lahore, I and my buddy were brainstorming which can be the best and most entertaining way we should choose to make this trip all the more enjoyable. It was four and a half-hour drive by car so we left early at 3 AM so we could reach Lahore just in time for breakfast. So we picked up our stuff and took off before dawn enjoying one of the best rides of our lives. The fresh breeze and soothing silence of the morning was just almost a spiritual experience strong enough to make you forget all the worries of the world.

Lahore City Road View

Welcoming Walled City Of Lahore

Around 8 AM we enter the inner core of the historic city Lahore with even more excitement than the one we started our journey. One of the special things about the inner city is there seems to be a totally different world within the main city with its own taste and texture. We first visited a local restaurant to enjoy the special Lahori Nashta I mean that was part of the plan. If you ever visit Lahore make sure you try its special lunch or else believe me you will miss the whole point. After all, it is the food experience what makes a city like Lahore heaven on earth, well if you love food as I do. 

People And Places

There are very few and almost no places where you go and feel the warmth of home and generosity of a family. The city and the people of Lahore are quite open and welcoming to everyone. Even if you are not very social you won’t face a problem blending in and not for a second feel like an outsider. We spent three long days visiting famous places in Lahore like Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Sheesh Mahal etc and met a lot of other tourists from all over Pakistan and outside. These three days were full of adventure and joy and you could imagine I was with my buddy so how much I goofed around. He was also having the best possible time as this whole trip was his idea.

Back To Home

Lahore City Of Memories

 No matter how much of a wanderer you are, there will come a time when even you will look for a place you belong to. Same was true with us, we had the best three days in Lahore but all good things start and end. But I think that is the beauty of life for a new journey to start the present one has to end. So we too left for home but we kept this amazing city’s memory in our mind.