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How to get more Facebook reviews, Largest Social Network

Collecting Facebook reviews is one of the numerous services that assist company owners in progressing further on Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networks. However, getting consumers to submit evaluations on their Facebook page might be difficult. So, in this post, we’ll teach you how to earn reviews on your Facebook business page so you can collect feedback and convert potential consumers into paying customers.

5-star reviews for your Facebook

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of Facebook statistics and making sure your page is optimized for them let’s look at how to increase the number of reviews you receive. Let’s look at four crucial factors that can help you acquire more Facebook reviews.

Create off-site automated client follow-up emails.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask. When asking people to do something extraordinary like evaluate Facebook, time is of the essence. When customers buy anything from you or use one of your services, ask for a review. After the purchase, send a follow-up email.

Of course, your business’s email definition will vary. However, you may use something like, “Thank you for buying! We respect your input and thank you for it.” Review Facebook for a minute. You can include a link to your Facebook page in the email.

Use email marketing solutions like Sendinblue to produce these emails:

You can use one of Sendinblue many email templates or design your own. After creating an account and choosing a plan, you may utilize email automation.

Make a button on your website asking for Facebook reviews.

Your website must have a clear CTA button if you want more Facebook reviews. There’s a strong possibility you already have social media icons on your site, including Facebook.

But you can go one step farther and use the CTA for reviews and suggestions. Consider using the plugin’s social review and recommendation features: This WordPress plugin allows you to show Facebook reviews as a sidebar widget. Having a stream of actual customer reviews on your site may assist develop trust and confidence in your business. If you upgrade to the business plan, you may also ask for reviews.

After installing and activating the plugin, navigate Settings> Facebook Review: You may add a widget by inputting your page name and ID under the Shortcodes tab. This is where you may change the widget’s appearance.

Encourage clients to ‘check-in’ the Facebook.

Most social media users like sharing what they are doing and where they are with their followers, so many people use Facebook to ‘check in’ to places. Check Inns is a Facebook version of GeoTags that helps you grow your Facebook presence.

When someone uses Facebook to check in to your company, they share the post with their friends. When a crawler comes across your company name, a preview of your page will appear:

When accompanied by images or testimonials, check-in is an endorsement or suggestion. As we previously discussed, suggestions and posts from friends may significantly impact people’s decisions.

So how can you obtain more check-ins and reviews? A user generally receives an automated reminder from Facebook to evaluate or review their experience. It may come as a surprise to them. Consider incentivizing consumers to check-in. You may provide them discounts or freebies. Customers are more likely to check in with a tiny incentive and eventually leave a review.

Make sure your company page allows check-ins. After logging in, click the Edit Page Info icon at the top. Make sure the box next to the clients that visit my business is checked, then click Save Changes. If the box is already ticked, nothing has to be done.

Respond to each and every review you get.

Taking an active role in analytics can help visitors get a favourable picture of your company. Responding to every review you receive, whether favorable or bad, is one method to achieve this.

While your first instinct to a poor review would be to delete it, negative feedback might be beneficial. Poor reviews, according to research, might increase conversions by up to 67%. Furthermore, negative reviews present a chance to exhibit excellent customer service. As a result, there is a sense of openness and genuineness.

When a consumer leaves a bad review, you might react by informing them how much you value their opinion. Then describe your aim to alter their impression of your company. You might give them a discount or ask for their contact information to learn more about their experience and how you can improve it.

You may just thank them and tell them how much you appreciate them taking the time to evaluate them if they leave a favourable review. This show of gratitude and acknowledgement may also encourage others to post evaluations.

We recommend enabling alerts on your Facebook page to make it easier to reply to your Facebook reviews. When someone writes a review, you’ll be notified, allowing you to comment quickly.

To do so, go to Settings> Notifications on your Facebook business page.

You can choose to get alerts for any activity that occurs on your page. Select the Turn on the option next to the review if you only want to get notifications for reviews on the new page.

Social Media Posting System

The propensity for people to copy the conduct and ideas of others in a given scenario is known as social evidence. It is natural for people to conform to their peers’ group behaviours, attitudes, and viewpoints. These phenomena are caused by subliminal unconscious or societal factors.

As a result, we frequently see businesses provide customer evaluations and ratings and definitions of the services or goods they provide to entice new customers and consumers to learn more about the company.

Marketing customers may utilize Social Posting Dynamics 365 to draught, schedule, and publish posts across many social media channels and accounts. Each channel and account you wish to make available for usage with this feature must be created and verified. You may set up accounts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook in the current edition.

To add and verify a social network account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Customer engagement > Social media accounts. A list view of your existing social media accounts appears.
  • On the command bar, choose the option to create a configuration.
  • From the side of the screen, a quick-create flyout glides in. Set the following parameters:
    • Name: Choose a name that you and others will remember. Choose a name that conveys the sort of channel it is and the type of material that should be shared on it, such as “Contoso Electronics LinkedIn.”
    • Social channel: Select the social networking site you wish to connect (such as LinkedIn or Facebook).
  • After you’ve chosen a channel, you’ll be given access to the channel’s privacy policy and terms of service. Before using this feature, make sure you read and accept these terms.
  • Select Create to proceed if you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.
  • To login into your social media account and authorize Dynamics 365 Marketing to post through it, follow the steps on your screen.