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8 things to examine before buying a new Laptop in 2024

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023 at 04:25 pm

Buying a laptop is a big deal; most people don’t realize this till they end up getting a wrong or low-quality laptop. Here are the 8 essential things to watch out for before buying a new laptop online or offline in 2024.

One shouldn’t just dive into the market and buy a laptop because you or your kids need one. Before buying a new laptop, you must be sure of what you genuinely need, or else you may buy what will not serve your needs.

A laptop is a susceptible device and even more sensitive in usage. Below, I will give you a list of 8 things to consider before buying a laptop.

1. Your Purpose or Need for the Laptop

Before buying, there must be a need. First, you must identify that need, which is the purpose or why you need to buy a new laptop. The purpose of a laptop may include Graphics Design, Desktop Publishing, Gaming, Programming, Video Production, etc. From this purpose, you can tell the specs of the Laptop you require.

For example, a graphics designer may need an AMD laptop over an Intel laptop because AMD is preferred more in graphics; besides, a game programmer or video editor will need a laptop with higher RAM, unlike someone into desktop publishing who may not even consider the RAM. Identify your needs before going to the market; this is very important for comfort and usage.

2. How much you are willing to spend (Price/Money)

The amount you will spend on buying a new laptop is also significant. It would be best not to spend what you didn’t budget for. Why go for an Apple laptop, which is very expensive, when you can get a good HP or Dell laptop half the price of an Apple laptop and can also suit your needs?

Though, if you have the money to get an Apple laptop, then go for it. If you can’t afford a new laptop with the specs you need, then you can as well go for a used one.

3. Recommended and trusted Laptop Brands

All I can tell here is that you should always go for a brand known as Solid, Durable, User-Friendly, and Easy to Repair. For me, durability is what I look for the most. Dell laptop has been known to be one of the best brands; it is highly durable and easy to fix.

4. Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Disk (HDD/SSD) Storage

Hard disk storage is also essential to take note of before buying a laptop. Most people prefer a laptop with a hard disk of as much as one terabyte (1024 GBs), and some even end up upgrading their hard disk without considering the RAM.

This may end up crashing their Laptop. Before buying a new laptop, make sure the hard disk size will suit your needs. Note that in some cases, a very high hard disk might slow down your Laptop.

5. Random Access Memory (RAM)

With the wide range of technological advancements, I will not advise anyone to buy a laptop with a RAM of less than 4GB. The higher the RAM, the Better and faster your Laptop will become. However, 8GB RAM is highly recommended. Especially when you are required to have heavy applications/software on your Laptop.

6. Size does matter, sometimes

Bigger size does not mean better performance in a laptop, but a bigger screen. What a big-size laptop can do, a mini laptop can still do the same. Size, in the case of a laptop, is a choice and suitability. Therefore, if you care much about portability, you may want a mini laptop, while programmers may prefer a bigger laptop with a bigger screen.

7. Laptops with healthy Battery Life

The battery life should be a massive concern, especially when you want to buy a used laptop. A good battery should last at least 3 hours, while the high performers can stay up to 8 or 10 hours without charging. If you’re a heavy user or gamer, consider going for the high performers.

8. Screen Quality and Keyboard

Consider the Laptop’s screen quality, especially if you are into graphics and video production. Also, consider the keyboard, as an extended keyboard may be favored if you are required in lots of typing and keyboard gaming, not just a basic keyboard.

Buying a new laptop can be quite a big deal and one you should be careful about. You should be more careful if you are going for a refurbished laptop from offline or online stores.

Online shopping sites like Amazon, Gearbest, Banggood, and others do offer refurbished laptops at a great price and you can get more price slash with Amazon and gear-best coupon.

Always make sure you double-checked the system you want to purchase and see if the seller has a warranty before paying.

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