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Hailey Having Sleepless Nights Because Of J.B’s Behavior

If you were not so hot, I would have gotten rid of you a long time ago, Justin Bieber once remarked in an online statement about his wife. Even as a joke, this is insulting, one person in the comment section said that if he acts this way in public

Mathira Talks About Her Career Path & Personal Opinions

I've been judged my entire life, Mathira said at the interview's conclusion. Because of the way I dress, I've heard people refer to me as a "buri aurat" to other people. But none of these individuals even know me.

The Wider Public Is Unhappy To Hania Aamir Pictures

Fans were upset when the photographs went viral on social media. Hania's fresh images astounded internet viewers, who believed she had lost her beauty and purity. Examine the public input we've gathered!