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Divine Whispering – Poem by Aadil Farook

Enter my heart and set me ablaze
All desires vanish with one praise
This cup is empty and ripe to be filled
Take the royal seat as my ego is spilled
I see your crown and it is real worth
I am tailored to bow down on the earth
This fall is so elevating
I await your unveiling
Dying to meet you with all my limbs
My sole treasure will be your glimpse
When will you come out of the curtain?
I yearn for a disclosure, has it begun?
Finally, whisper into my ear
The reciprocal words I long to hear
My thirst can’t be quenched with stories alone
I crave for echoes of divinity in this zone
I have read a lot about love
Now it’s time to fly above
I need wings not to accomplish any goal
My flight is from the body to the soul
It’s a journey, not a station
It’s intoxication, not infatuation
My path has been full of thorns
But sweet is the taste of scorns
Azhar taught me bezels of wisdom
To my pain, he turned me numb
I relish the supplication before dawn
My soul shines with the sleep-withdrawn
I see your splendor in the falling dusk
Without fragrance, it delights like musk
O’ God, make me a true disciple
Save me from the forbidden apple
My wish is to witness your beloved
The mesmerizing beauty of my prophet
Will he accept my allegiance?
Or do I raise my reverence?
Am I even eligible to be his lover?
There are many secrets yet to discover
I am only a mimicry of a saint
But, like Moses, I want to faint
My heart isn’t free from taints
But my lips have no complaints
I don’t claim to be among the mystics
But there’s no pretense in my lyrics
In the spiritual world, I am not a tower
But in the garden, let me be a flower
Perfection is beyond my scope and power
But my bowl is ready for your shower
So, allow my inner eye to open
For once, let it see the Hidden One!