Why did Facebook blacken its logo?


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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Riots continue in the United States over the killing of a black man in police custody, with several companies, including Facebook, taking part in the protests. Hui blacked out his logo while the company’s founder wrote a long article in this regard.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “We stand with the black farm community and with all those who are working for justice,” George said in a lengthy post. The names of Floyd, Brevna Taylor, Ahmed Arberry and others will never be forgotten.

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I know the Facebook platform needs to do more to help fight for the equality and protection of black people,” said Mark Zuckerberg. “I’m grateful that Darnella Frazier killed George Floyd.” The video was posted on Facebook because we all need to see it, we need to know the name of George Floyd, but it has become clear that Facebook needs to do more to keep people safe and make sure that Our system does not promote prejudice. The founder of Facebook said that organizations working for justice need funds and for this, we offer a grant of 10 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg added: “I know 10 million can’t fix everything, it takes a long time to get justice.” Where is the racism in the justice system for criminals? He said that he has not talked much about his work, but the role of Chen Zuckerberg has been important for years Provides 4 40 million annually to organizations working for justice and crime control to end racist prejudice and racism.

The founder of Facebook said that we should take this work forward and it has come to light that we need to take a lot of steps right now. However, this hashtag also calls for justice for George Floyd.


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