Customs Tariff Proposals for Upcoming Federal Budget Discussed


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A gathering of the Tariff Policy Board was held at the Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad which was led by the Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood.

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In the gathering, Customs Tariff related proposition for the forthcoming government spending plan for the monetary year 2020-2021 were talked about.

The gathering likewise talked about the monetary effect of the progressing Covid-19 pandemic and thought upon available resources to deflect the budgetary misfortunes to the organizations.

The Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment wanted that because of the negative effect of the Covid-19 crisis on the economy, it is basic to devise strategies for the development and progress of all divisions of the economy.

He underscored that a Win-Win circumstance for everybody including the administration exchequer ought to be made. He called attention to that a superior assortment of direct assessments will account for giving alleviation to the officially archived divisions of the economy by decreasing roundabout charges like Sales Tax.

Custom Tariff

The members promised to justify the present tax system by investigating the effect appraisal of various tax help estimates taken in the past monetary years. It was concluded that there would be numerous meetings of the Tariff Policy Board and the Sub Committee of the Board to finish the proposition well in time.

The gathering was gone to by Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Chairperson, Federal Board of Revenue, Chairperson National Tariff Commission, and delegates of the Ministry of Industries and Production and Board of Investment.


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