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Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey (Western Asia)

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 06:23 am

Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey. Have you suddenly thought about doing one thing about your embarrassing hair scenario? Usually, when you end up in a repair like that, you begin operating some searches on the websites whereas being skeptical about all of the attainable outcomes that will come out.

Turkey is among the most dependable areas you must cross your thoughts when considering a hair transplant. With superior tools, knowledgeable surgeons, and an inexpensive worth, most people are starting to show to Turkey for hair transplants. You are confident of getting high-quality companies in this regard for pocket-friendly charges. Here is a wholesome lifestyle journal that decides on the ten finest hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

1 Clinic center in Istanbul

A superb variety of internationally accredited and proficient medical doctors favor Clinic Center for hair transplants. They mix refined surgical strategies with the most recent applied sciences to ship inexpensive and dependable hair transplant solutions.

As a result, the clinic has been identified to play host to so many sufferers coming in from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Africa, New Zealand, and the Middle East, in addition to many different nations.

2 United Clinic Turkey

UNICLINICS Digest compiled the ranking of the best clinics in Turkey in 2022.

More than 1000 clinics across the country are ready to accept international patients.

Most of these clinics meet international standards; 49 Clinics in Turkey have received the prestigious international JCI certificate (evaluating clinics according to 1300 parameters and certification if they meet at least 1100 critical criteria).

It is especially necessary to highlight the world’s 4th most technologically advanced Anadolu Cancer Center and the vast experience of doctors in several areas.

For example, after practicing in the US, Germany, or France, local doctors perform thousands of kidney, liver, bone marrow, cornea, and hair transplants – industries in which Turkey has no equal.

In addition, to help patients in the most difficult cases, the best clinics in Turkey work with leading hospitals and institutes in the USA.

3 Noyan Health & Travel Clinic

Hair Transplantation in Turkey
Noyan Health & Travel Package Includes Private Airport Transfer, 7/24 Personal Assistance, Accommodation, Interpretation Services, Consultation Services
Hair loss has begun to affect women and younger people, even though it appears to be a male-dominated phenomenon. In addition, those who have lost hair due to various hair diseases and scars can also have this operation.
Hair loss manifests itself primarily as thinning of the hair and receding hairline. Hair loss is genetic but can also be seen for hormonal reasons.

The upper part of the neck (donor area) and the hair part between the two ears are defined as permanent hair and the hair (graft) used for the procedure is removed from here.

FUE and DHI Methods:

The hair transplant operation, considered appropriate for 19 years and older, is started by giving local anesthesia after the haircut. FUE and DHI methods are widely used in hair transplantation.

The hair transplanted with Their hair transplantation methods will take a thicker and stronger shape within six months, and 90% of the new hairs will fully penetrate the scalp within 12 months.
FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique
As well as, hair transplantation is the most preferred method, as the highest number of grafts can be reached in a single session. No permanent scarring is formed in this process because no wounding tool is used. The operation lasts about 5-8 hours.

DHI(Direct Hair Transplantation) Technique:

The DHI method has become widespread recently, and this method is done with a Medical Pen-shaped tool. These pens are personally disposable. The hair follicles taken from the donor and area are placed in the area to be transplanted in a short time of about 5 minutes with the special pen used.
Eyebrow Transplantation
In Their patients, eyebrow loss may occur due to wrong eyebrow plucking, shedding, thinning or genetic reasons. In such cases, which do not respond to the medication for eyebrow problems, eyebrow transplantation is recommended for the patient.

Beard and Mustache Transplantation:

Mustaches and beards, which we can define as men’s accessories, have started to be in demand who care about their appearance in recent years.

For mustache and beard transplantation, a small amount of hair is taken from the hair follicles with the FUE method, compared to hair transplantation, and transplanted with the DHI method.

The patient should not shave for 15-20 days after the operation.

After three months, there is a noticeable difference in the beard and mustache area; within 7-8 months, the mustache and beard area acquire a natural appearance.

4 Cosmedica Hair Transplant

Besides their passable hair transplant remedy, the middle has gained recognition for its skilled workers and using trendy tools. This clinic specializes in remedy procedures like FUE/FUT hair transplantation, transplantation of unshaved hair, and eyebrow transplantation.

Dr. Levent Acar is internationally regarded as Turkey’s most renowned surgeon for hair transplants. Cosmedica’s medical team has performed over 20,000 successful hair transplants over 16 years.

They show the difference Dr. Acar will make to your life with a natural-looking hairline, thick new growth, and complete hair transplant success.

5 Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

The ‘European Award in the field of ‘Hair Transplant Surgery’ was awarded to their founder.
Dr. Serkan Aygın.
Providing EXCELLENT hair transplantation services at Splendid quality standards in Turkey, Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic crowned its success in medicine again with this award in Europe.
Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic incorporate into their practices and services in Turkey are;

Since 1996, Dr. Serkan Aygin has been performing hair transplant procedures and offering his best treatments.

They offer counseling services and a resting area before and after the operation, intending to provide their patients with a comfortable experience.

6 Medicana Health group

This group works with different hospitals and healthcare amenities throughout Turkey. The Turkish capital, the title of their hospital is named Medicana International Istanbul Hospital. They have fame for offering dependable medical procedures like A-profile hair transplantation. They mix new medical technologies with their experience to spice up the form of healthcare they supply to sufferers.

7 Transes hair transplant center

These guys appear to be extra targeted on how they’ll ship the best hair transplant treatment in addition to procedures.

You can equally anticipate the most effective from them once you have interaction with their beard transplant, direct hair transplant, FUE, platelet-rich plasma, hair restoration, hair loss remedy, and besides specialist session.

They have accomplished remarkably effectively desiring to worldwide and native sufferers. This place has turned out as one of the crucial visited locations relating to hair transplants inside Istanbul.

8 Hair world turkey

This clinic has been within the enterprise of offering beard, eyebrow hair, and hair transplant to worldwide and native sufferers for greater than 9 years now.

The clinic’s medical group is keen on working with up-to-date technology for hair surgery whereas utilizing the newest instruments to carry out the procedures.

For occasion, they make use of sapphire tipped slits, which doesn’t trigger that a lot of trauma to the pores and skin like different tools. Their thought of a hair transplant is to make sure they don’t depart any pointless scars behind.

The surgeons attempt to have a coronary heart to coronary heart dialogue with each affected person, as a way of constructing them feel very relaxed.

9 Clinista

Clinista is understood for top normal hair transplant procedures, coupled with their excessive charge of success. Patients who come listed here are put by way of the most effective procedures with them having to pay decrease costs.

Clinista is specialized principally in FUT, FUE, feminine hair loss remedies, eyebrow transplant, eyelash transplant, beard transplant, removing of a bald spot, and micro-pigmentation of the scalp.

10 NewAge clinic

Dr. Apyadin runs this clinic; somebody has well-known across the Global society of surgeons who’re into hair restoration and the society for aesthetic cosmetic surgery. It is a famend clinic inside Turkey due to the high-quality requirements of their hair transplant procedures. Patients like their remedies due to their trendy tools and skilled workers.