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How many units of electricity do household appliances consume and what effect do they have on the bill?

Every household uses electrical appliances for its own convenience and in many households it is often observed that when the electricity bill comes, it falls on them like a bomb – and it is unmade. We are forced to say that if we do not spend so much electricity then why the bill is higher – so today we will tell you about the items in the house and their use of electricity, which item up to how many units consumes electricity.

1: Energy meter

There are two types of meters that are usually installed outside the home by electricity transmission companies to keep track of the electricity consumed by their customers.

Disk meter

This meter has a disc that runs on electricity consumption. If this disc completes 600 cycles then one unit of electricity is used.

Digital meter

In which the red light is being extinguished, the more electricity is used, the faster the extinguishing speed of this red light is the same. This light is extinguished 3200 times. It is also written above the meter.

Household utility calculation per unit

One unit is equal to one kilowatt per hour, that is, how many times the electrical equipment has been used and how many watts it has been used, it can be multiplied to find out how many units of electrical goods are consumed.


Ironing is one thousand watts, that is, if ironing lasts for one hour a day, it will consume one unit of electricity. Similarly, if ironing lasts for one hour every day, the use of ironing in thirty days of the month can be equal to 30 units.



Refrigerators typically have a power of 0.250 kW and operate for 16 hours in hot weather with the compressor of the rest of the time – so by this formula when we multiply the kilowatt power by sixteen. According to this calculation, the refrigerator consumes up to four units of electricity in a day which is 120 units in a month.

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In hot weather, the fans run day and night and their power is equal to zero points eight and if three fans run for twelve hours in a day then they will use 2.4 units in a day which is about 87 units in a month.

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Air conditioner

This is the reason for the highest increase in the electricity bills in hot weather in the house. One ton of AC has a power of 1200 to 1600 watts while one and a half-ton of AC has 1800 to 2500 watts. And an AC of one and a half-ton consumes 2.5 units of electricity per hour. The more units of AC run, the more units will increase and thus the electricity bill will increase.

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