If You Do Not Want To Be Separated From Your True Love, Do Not Get Married On This Date!


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Scientists have issued a stern warning for weddings regarding a date.

Scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia have instructed young couples not to get married on February 14, following a recent study.

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The reason for this, researchers say, is that the chances of getting married too early on that day are very high.

Researchers collected data over 1.1 million on weddings for the study, with 6% occurring on Valentine’s Day.

They analyzed the results of both marriages and spouses and found that divorces were 37 percent higher on Valentine’s Day than in the rest of the year.

The three-year completion rate for marriages on Valentine’s Day, February 14, was also surprisingly low at 45 percent.

On Valentine’s Day, married couples are most likely to get divorced within a year, scientists say.


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