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There Are Some Dangerous Habits Of Children That Need To Be Stopped

In Pakistan, many children suffer from accidents every day, ranging from minor to dangerous. Parents are keeping an eye on children playing outside, where there is no danger, but there are many things. Children can be harmed and there are many dangers that are not only important to watch out for, but it is also important to remove such dangers from the children’s play area.

Do not give tablets and smartphones to children

Babies are eager to play with tablets and mobile phones, and if they get this available they spend a lot of time in front of their screens, doctors say, do not give your kids such gadgets to play. The blue light emanating from the tablet and mobile phone screen is extremely dangerous to them. Where blue light affects the eyes of children, they can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, eye diseases, irritability, loss of focus as well as their sleep.

Tablet With Child

Don’t put kids on a bike

Babies are fond of bike rides and people usually like to sit them on their bikes, but for children, this can be a very dangerous sport. And the motorcyclist does not even realize that the baby is asleep and in such a case if the baby is swinging one side, controlling the moving bike and holding the baby can be a dangerous sport.

Don’t take a slide with the baby in the lap

Parents think that children are happier when they play with their young children, this is fine, but there are some places where parents can be a danger to their children, such as having a child take a slide for themselves or someone older. Sitting on a parent’s lap can be dangerous for a small child because of the burden of the parent causing the baby to move up and down, and in the meantime, if the baby hits his hand and foot, he or she can fall off the slide and suffer an accident.

Children sit in the W position

Many children generally prefer to sit in the ground while playing in the W position because they feel comfortable sitting. If your child sits in a W position, immediately restrain him because this position for children is extremely dangerous, doctors say, because sitting in this position affects the joints of the baby’s legs very quickly. Children’s abdominal muscles are weakened and they have a heavy burden on the neck and shoulders, which can cause the bones of the legs to become crooked where the joints of the bones are weak.

W Position Avoiding

Standing on a chair

Young children are usually the most hurt because of their movements, according to a survey report in the United States. Every hour, a baby falls off a chair and the biggest reason is that young children Climbing on a chair is a favorite, and by climbing on a chair, children lose their balance or the chair is turned upside down and the child becomes a victim of an accident.

Children play in the mud

Kids love to play in the mud, and nowadays some laundry surf companies advertise that parents really think that children playing with mud are important for their mental upbringing. This is absolutely wrong because children are extremely dangerous to play with clay, and children suffer from many ailments due to their movements, including stomach disorders, as children usually put their dirty hands in their mouths. And dangerous germs go into their stomachs.


Give children the opportunity to play on the grass instead of playing on the mud so that if their hands are not dirty from the soil and they do not get hurt even if they fall.

We pray that Allah will protect all your children. Stay healthy and energized.