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Common Struggles Of Highly Intelligent People


Human Intelligence, the characteristic of learning from past experiences, understanding new environment, problem-solving and exceptional reasoning. If you happen to be an intelligent person you will have a better understanding of the environment and stand out in any crowd you become a part of. 

Sounds pretty impressive right, but even intelligent people are normal humans when it comes to flaws and shortcomings of human nature. They have their share of problems and misunderstandings while interacting with society.

Some of the most common struggles highly intelligent people have are :

  • They get bored with small talk 
  • They think more speak less
  • They are socially awkward 
  • They have fewer friends
  • They not very social
  • They are analytical 
  • Their mind wants all
  • They have the pressure of success

Boredom from small talk

One of the things that intelligent people find hard to deal with is having just a regular small conversation. They have a lot going on in their head and have very few people they can relate their thoughts and ideas. They are fascinated by deep and thought-provoking discussions but most of the time they are left alone as not everyone is into this stuff, as the famous quote goes :

   Great minds discuss ideas ;

   Average minds discuss events ;

    Small minds discuss people.

                                             Eleanor Roosevelt

Social Awkwardness

Here comes the most famous stereotype presentation of intelligent people, glasses with open eyes staring into empty space and awfully obvious social awkwardness.  another problem intelligent people face in public. This problem is also supported by the study conducted by  Davidson, H.H 2015 about IQ and EQ which states that people with high IQ lack in the field of EQ.

They Are Almost Lonely

Being highly intelligent, they might have an intimidating impression on new people. They may also appear dull, serious and inanimate to others. This can result in social isolation and may cause social anxiety. But intelligent people are also human and long for social interaction.

 They Are Analytical

Highly intelligent people are not intuitive rather than they are more likely to have a calculated view of things. They are always looking for better options, more accurate answers and precise data. This tendency of their often gets them into confusing situations where an average person can easily pass through but they exhaust themselves. This ‘ Paralysis by Analysis ‘ is also a problem you will face if you are a part of the intelligent hub.

Pressure Of Success

Right from early childhood, intelligent children become the centre of attention and feel the need for validation from their elders as they grow. This attention follows them throughout their teenage and adulthood becoming a permanent thing they have to deal with. But even so, they can never shake the feeling that they need to prove themselves every time and end up exhausting themselves. 

Things To Remember

  • There are others with the same interests as you just keep looking
  • You don,t need to charm everyone just be yourself
  • Sometimes it’s okay to not have all the answers 
  • You have nothing to prove to anyone 
  • Lastly, know that no one is perfect