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8 Exciting Ways to Mix and Match Your Rugs For Yor Home

Rugs have had a big impact on our flooring for many years now. They are the perfect way to add character and warmth to any room in your home. They also come with their own set of challenges. It’s no secret that rugs can liven up a room and add color and texture. But, did you know how many different ways there are to mix and match them? There are so many exciting combinations to try out—mixing different rug fibers, materials, prints, patterns, and designs in your home decorating your home with multiple colors, prints, or patterns of rugs for an electric touch! Mixing up the rugs in your space can create a beautiful new look. Here are some amazing and creative ways to use rugs that you may have never thought of.

Combine Different Rug Fibers

The fibers of a rug differ, as well as the material they’re made from. The benefits of each fiber type are different, too—wool is naturally stain-resistant and durable for high-traffic areas. At the same time, the chenille has that classic velvety touch and feel to it. Mixing up fibers in your home will give you an aesthetically pleasing backdrop with each and every rug in your space. Combining wool with the best silk rugs will create a luxurious combination in your home decor. You can also combine different fibers in the same rug. Pairing chenille with jute or sisal is a great way to experiment with color and texture, like a stunning purple ikat rug next to a blue sisal rug.

Combining Different Patterns

The prints, patterns, and colors of rugs also play important roles in creating that perfect look for your home’s interior design. Whether it be bold or modest—the possibilities are endless when mixing up the rug prints and patterns in your space. No rule says you can’t mix up patterns within your rugs, either! For example, if one of your area rugs is a graphic ikat pattern, that would be the perfect opportunity to add an animal print rug or a brightly colored tribal design. The mix of patterns and prints will add interest and dimension to your space.

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Mixing Up Rugs for Multidimensional Interior Design

The room will feel more dynamic when you mix up different rugs in the same room, like an indoor/outdoor rug with a natural fiber sisal rug or a leather shag area rug. You can even mix up different rugs within the same space, like a sisal rug with an area rug or a shaggy wool rug on top for added texture. Moreover, If you have a small living room cluttered with furniture and decor, a mix of rugs can help define your space by creating different zones. You can start with an area rug, then add another rug on top for contrast and texture.

Combining Different Colors and Textures

Don’t forget about different textures when mixing up your rugs! There are so many options, from natural fibers like sisal and jute to synthetic fibers like polypropylene. You can even find a combination of different materials if you want to experiment, such as an area rug with jute and sisal strips woven throughout the entire surface for a fun animal print look. The materials used to make rugs vary drastically—from natural leaves like palm, seagrass, bamboo, coir, jute, and sisal down to synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon.

In terms of durability for high-traffic areas, you can choose between indoor/outdoor styles like synthetic outdoor rugs or more delicate silk and wool area rugs. The most important thing is to make sure you love the final look, not just that it’s practical! You can combine different materials in your home decor for an electric touch by mixing up textures with a few key pieces. If you are looking for a fun animal print look, try using an urban chic shag rug in neutral colors. You can also go with more subtle hues of the same color family to create contrast and balance in your space.

Mixing Up Colors and Styles 

One way that people tend to mix up rugs is by combining different rugs in their homes. For example, a rustic suede rug with a modern geometric print can be an interesting mix that is unexpected and fun! Try adding pops of color to your room by choosing colors from the same family – you’ll end up with depth without too many competing colors. You can also mix up different colors, patterns, and prints to create a unique style statement.

Combine Different Prints

The rug prints also need to be considered when you are mixing and matching rugs in your home. You can do this by choosing prints that share the same colors or patterns to create a cohesive look, but it is also possible to use different print styles in similar color schemes if you want an interesting design twist. Also, a mix of prints and patterns of rugs can give your room a more casual look. For instance, using rug prints in different sizes is a great way to create depth in your home decor. This will also help you achieve more visual interest on the floor without using too many colors or patterns, especially if you are working with limited space and color schemes.

Mix Patterns with Solid Shades

A mix of patterned rugs with a solid shade will add texture to your space while maintaining a clean and simple look. It is perfect if you want to create an abstract design with different colors of rugs in various patterns or textures. You can also achieve this minimalistic vibe by using solid shades on the walls combined with textured furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs. Also, mixing a floral pattern with green rugs or geometric patterns with white shag rugs will help you achieve this look.

Mix Pattern with Texture

Just like mixing prints, you can also mix patterns of rugs with different textures to create home decor that is both unique and visually interesting. Try using an area rug or carpet in one room combined with another type of floor matting in the other rooms, for instance, which will give your space more personality while also creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The two most popular types of flooring materials to mix and match with rugs are wood and bamboo. Just like mixing prints, you can also mix patterns of rugs with different textures to create home decor that is both unique and visually interesting.

On a Final Note

Electric style is also a popular choice for giving your home decor more personality. This design approach is usually defined by brightly colored patterns, vivid hues, and eye-catching designs best suited for modern spaces with open floor plans. With the mix of rugs, you can achieve the best electric interior in your home.