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10 Best ways to living a simple life in a modern world

Are you tired of this modern world of work and the increased day-by-day stress? Now wants to get rid of it and has a healthy lifestyle. Well, I have the best solution for you. You should start living simply. So if you don’t know how then you are in right place. In this article, we will describe the 10 best ways to be living a simple life in the modern world.

The benefits of living simply

 A simple life has a lot of benefits I have seen how people were before and now after following the simple actions in their life. For example, you will have more time for the things you love and enjoy, you will have stress free life, you can connect with nature, etc.


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How to live a simple life

For some people living simply maybe just get rid of unwanted stuff while others may enjoy nature, but here I described the 10 best ways to live a simple life in the modern world.

1 stop comparing yourself

In today’s social media-obsessed world we see every day hundreds of posts and people that seem they are perfect. We think we are not measuring up and that thing makes us more thinkable due to which automatically our stress level increases slowly..

We are not seeing what the struggle behind that picture is, we do not see all the reality on social media or in just one moment. so if you want to live a stress-free life stop comparing yourself. 

When you stop comparing yourselves to others, you were building trust in yourself, you will be positive and motivated.

2 . Do one thing at a time

Multitasking and switching to many works at a time slow down your Positive energy and love to work while on the other side doing a single task at one time will increase your focus and attention on it from low to very deep.

The art of focusing on one thing at a time

The art of doing one thing at a time will help you to remember more, complete more in a sufficient time, have less stress, you will bring more focus to your work, and work smarter instead of harder.

3  Pay off your debts or Reduce expenses

Another way to live simpler is to reduce expenses and pay off your debts on time.

Having debt is a big cause of anxiety. It also slows down the control of your life decisions and other things.

Do not pay for things that are less important to you, like you can cancel your premiums programs which is not so much important if you have. Instead of it focus on your debts to pay them off quickly as soon as possible.


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4  Use less social media

First things first, social media is addictive. The more you use social media the more you will lead to its addiction, cyberbullying, social anxiety, depression, and things that are not meaningful to you.

You can close your social applications or reduce their time from hours to minutes. Once you did it for a month you will see that we can live happily and peacefully without using social media.

To live simple life the less use of social media is another way to achieve it.


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5 Spend time in nature

In today’s modern world everyone is stuck in their work and has no time to think about what their mind and body want. This is wrong we should spend time in nature to live a happy and simple life.

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Spend time in nature

Spending your time in nature like in green spaces, growing flowers or plants, and outing in a garden, etc can bring you positive energy, enthusiasm for doing new things, creativity, improving your mood and memory, etc.

So this is another step to living simpler by connecting with yourself or spending time in nature.

6 Eliminate the items you don’t need 

Our link to a materialistic world is so high and it may the biggest obstacle to living simpler in a modern world.

In this modern world, we work hard and earn money to buy materials that have no meaning to us, and things take our freedom of time and living simply from us. For example, you watch TV every day for 3 to 5 hours, instead of it you can go outside and enjoy nature.

There are a lot of things in our houses which actually we have no need it may be your old clothes or furniture or not usable machines etc. Actually, these things increase your anxiety when you are seeing and moving from one place to another again and again.

Eliminate those items you can sell or you can give it to charity or to the poor one. It will relieve your stress and also another step to living a simple life in the modern world.

 7 Don’t interfere in other people’s business

One of the best ways to live a happy and simple life is not to interfere in other people’s business.

By interfering in other people’s business your anxiety and stress level increases and which has no benefit to you. Do not worry about other people’s work. It’s an easy game to get caught up in it.

Focus on yourself, and give time to yourself. Mind your own business is another way to live a simple and destress life in this modern world.

8 Invest in your health

Your health must be the first thing on which you should never compromise. When you are mentally and physically fit you will be creative, active, mindful, and will have positive energy.

Eat fresh and exercise daily, you could start with 30 to 40 minutes daily walking or running or a football, etc. Takeaway yourself from alcohol and other drugs, which are something that could be an obstacle to living a simple life.

9 Appreciate what you have

No matter how life is hard or easy every time appreciate the things you have because that life might not be your dream one but someone will still hope for it.

Be grateful, and happy and enjoy the moment especially when you have a true person surrounding you that appreciates your help and spend a good time with you.

You also appreciate them for their kindness and loyalty, it’s another step to living a simple life.

10 Read books 

If you want to become a more interested and knowledgeable person. Start reading.

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Read Books

It is good to read books instead of watching TV or scrawling on social media. Reading makes you more knowledgeable and creative and also increases your power of thinking and decision-making.

So lastly make your reading schedule and follow it for some months you will notice the change in yourself. It’s another best way to live a simple life in this modern world.


In this modern materialistic world, you want to live happily and peacefully experience a simple life by following the given ways like focusing on yourself, spending time in nature, reducing your social media use, etc that’s it. I hope this information will help you in your simple living journey.