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Is It Healthy to Keep Water Near You While Sleeping?

Everyone says: “Drink lots of water!” You keep a glass right by your bed to drink from in the evening and morning, so, to make it easier on yourself. You don’t even think that it could be a big mistake! And here’s my list of why it’s bad…

1. Open to invaders

Unless you are drinking from a bottle (or a sippy cup), that glass of water is exposed to anything that decides to drop in (or accidentally does!). In short, it’s unsanitary. Dust, debris, or even a fly or mosquito makes its way into your nightly source of hydration. And in your zombified half-asleep state, I bet you won’t even notice that thing floating in there when you take a gulp in the morning! Ew!

2. It’s a breeding ground

Ok, maybe a little dust and insect protein won’t do THAT much harm (although, they do carry some nasty diseases). What can present a real threat is bacteria! Germs can breed in sitting water. That or the bacteria could be coming from… you! Each time you take a sip, you leave a little backwash in the glass. Bacteria are all over your mouth, and if they sit in that glass all night, they have all the time in the world to multiply. When you take another drink in the morning, it’s anything but refreshing and healthy.

3. A big “healthy” glass of…Acid?!

Water that’s exposed to air will go through some chemical changes. When you leave it out and open overnight, carbon dioxide (you know, the stuff you produce each time you breathe out) makes its way into the glass. It then reacts with the water and lowers its pH level, making it more acidic. No, it won’t be as if you’re drinking a glass of straight-up acid. But water with a low pH is more corrosive, even to metal pipes! You sure you want that going down your gullet?

4. A funky Taste…

If you have tap water in that glass, the chlorine added into it for disinfection will evaporate overnight. This process actually changes the flavor! So, when you drink it the next morning, don’t be surprised if it tastes a little… off. And, hey, without that chlorine on patrol, it’s that much easier for bacteria to multiply!

5. It could disrupt your sleep

When you drink a glassful of a water right, you might be tempted to grab it anytime in the night. Of course, if you’ve got liquid going in, then it’s going to need to come out. In other words, more bathroom trips throughout the night and… disrupted sleep. The immediate result is that you won’t feel well-rested in the morning or alert throughout the day. But there are serious long term consequences of poor sleep!

6. The Dangers of the Container:

If you keep your bedside water not in a glass but in some plastic bottle or cup, it could contain the chemical bisphenol-A or another similar substance used in plastics. Research has shown that exposure to chemicals like BPA can affect the heart and brain!

7. But BPA-free bottles aren’t the end-all solution

Finding a BPA-free bottle for your bedside water does not eliminate the issue of plastic chemicals… but not the bacteria. Bottle water can ward off bacteria for a few days only. And if you’re using a metal bottle that warms up quickly, germs can multiply that much more.

8. A Potential Fire Hazard?!

Most bedsides nightstands are in front of or near an electric socket. Because, you know, there’s probably a small lamp and your phone charger plugged into it. You know that electricity plus water does not equal a good situation. If you happen to swing your arm out or push your pillow into that glass, causing it to spill, all the electrics nearby can spark out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should give up your diligent water-drinking routine. If you have one, that is. Do you make sure to drink enough water? Anyway, just have a fresh glass in the evening, and do it at least 2 hours before bed. That way, it won’t disrupt your sleep. As for the morning, simply make yourself a fresh new glass!