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Is Air Pollution Affecting children’s immune system?

Air pollution is affecting children’s immune system

Children of today’s ages are not immune to the disadvantages of climate change; children face many health problems and disadvantages due to environmental change.

Today, the temperature has increased compared to the past, which has increased the world heat. In this era, children face malnutrition. Various diseases are followed. The world is facing the dangers of floods and rising heat each year. Therefore, it cannot be said that every child of today is completely immune to congenital environmental changes.

According to the British news agency ‘Reuters’, a report published in the medical journal The Lancet says that climate change is already affecting the health of human beings while the number of diseases is increasing.

The report adds that the severity of the weather is increasing while air pollution is affecting humans. The report warns that if nothing is still done to control air pollution and climate change, the effects can put the entire generation at risk of disease. According to the report, most children are at risk from climate change.

Nick Watson, a member of the team that compiles the study and report, says that climate change and air pollution are affecting children’s physical development and immune systems. Nick Watson further warns that the effects of childhood harm on health still remain Nick said at a briefing in London that it is impossible to create a healthy world without taking immediate action from all countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the report, if climate change was truly controlled, the baby born today would see the use of coal in the UK come to an end. The study conducted by The Lancet involves the research of 120 experts from 35 institutions. The experts are from the World Health Organization, the World Bank, University College London and Tsinghua University in China.

Researchers say the biggest threat to climate change is health. A good pollution-free environment is essential for good health. According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, air pollution and related diseases caused seven million deaths worldwide. The majority of the casualties were from low- and middle-income countries. “If we want to protect our children, we need to make sure that the air they breathe is not poisonous,” says Abb Carlson, a University of Sussex health specialist in the UK.