Meiraj Haq – Biography


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Meiraj Haq (born 10 November 1991) is a Pakistani actor, Filmmaker, and Vlogger. Meiraj began his acting career on the television, Sabaat.

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Early Life

Meiraj Haq was born in Rawalpindi on 10 November 1991 He got his early education from Saint Mary’s academy Lalazar Rawalpindi and then Moved to the USA. Meiraj completed his highschool from there and then did his Bachelors’s in Public Administration from George Mason University.


After bachelors, Meiraj went to the Newyork film Academy to Study journalism & Filmmaking. After coming back to Pakistan he made Imran Khan’s official election documentary for the 2018 elections which either Al Jazeera or BBC makes every year. Meiraj has directed music videos for rap artists called Osama Com Laude (Chaklala Scheming). During all this time, he started vlogging on youtube as well, and in August 2019 he signed his first drama Titled Sabaat.The name of his character is Dr Murad and Usman MukhtarSarah Khan, Ameer Gilani, and Mawra Hocane are the lead characters.

Meiraj Haq 1
Born10 November 1991
EducationBachelors in Public Administration
OccupationActor – Filmmaker – Vlogger
Years Active 2018-present

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