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All Factors influence, that’s why the price of a move

Factors influence. People who are going to move to a new stage in their lives often worry about the cost of moving. It is a time of change and beginning, where a lot of money can be spent on the adaptation of a new house.

This is usually due to a variety of factors. Many of these factors can cause Residential moving companies to raise or lower their moving costs. We will be focusing on the most important.

We are going to show you the factors that affect the price of a move.

Furniture size and quantity

This is a major factor in the final cost of the move. Keep in mind that the more furniture that needs to be moved and the larger the item, the more cubic meters required and the higher the budget.

It is crucial to tell the moving company how much furniture you need to transport. If you add items that you didn’t initially expect, the price will rise.


Another important aspect is the packaging. These companies offer the service of packing and moving. The workers will transport the items to the vehicle and then leave them at the new home.

This case usually includes the packaging material. The assembly and disassembly services are also included.


You should also consider the distance the moving company will travel. The further it travels, the higher the budget.

It is vital. It won’t be the same price to move a small number of people within the same area and nearby areas. Then there will be another person who will need to drive you to another city.

This is an important factor. It is a good idea to inquire about whether companies have any rate based on distance traveled or other methods of estimating prices.

The base rate is set for moves within a radius of X km. However, if the distance is greater than X, an additional price will be charged.


Seasonality must also be considered, as moving during holidays (Christmas, Easter, summer, etc.) can cause delays. If there is high demand, the price will be higher than if it were done during low seasons.


Some companies offer this optional service. After assembling the items in the vehicle, the workers can clean up the house.

It isn’t very expensive but it adds more value to moving costs.

Accessibility to housing

Housing is more expensive if there are difficulties with inaccessibility. The cost of a move is determined by how many properties are involved. Companies often modify their vehicles to carry more objects.

They choose to have special trucks if there are many; if there are only a few, they opt to have smaller cars, such as minivans.

This will affect, among other things, the number of employees who will be employed and the time it will take to complete the move.

Moving time

Many companies place a premium on time when setting their moving costs. They charge for the time they take to move properties from one place to the next. This is also known as an hourly fee and is different from the fixed rate.

Types of contracted services

Furniture moving is one of the most popular services. Even though you can get the entire moving service done, it is not necessary. The final price will be lower if the company only needs to transport the furniture. As you can see, the cost of a move is dependent on many factors.