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Best Restaurants In Pakistan That Will Tantalize Your Tongue

Pakistan is a country with a rich culture, history, and traditions, and also full of culinary delights. From the spicy taste of the North to the delicious recipes of the South, you’ll find something to satisfy your palette in every region. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world. If you are planning a trip to Pakistan, then here are some of the best places where you should dine:

Lahore Pavilion

Lahore Pavilion is a restaurant that specializes in Pakistani cuisine. The food served here is traditional and delicious, with a variety of options for everyone. The restaurant has an airy atmosphere, which makes it easy to relax after a long day at work, college or university. Appetizers include samosas as well as meat samosas while main courses include tandoori chicken pieces along with other meats such as mutton chops. However, if your budget allows then we highly recommend trying out the mutton kebabs prepared by Chef Umer Ansari himself.

best restaurants Pakistani cuisine

Lahore Social

Lahore Social is a fine dining restaurant that serves the best food in town. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Pakistan due to its delicious food and friendly service. The menu here consists of more than 100 items ranging from starters to desserts. The chef here makes sure that each dish is prepared using fresh ingredients so that you can enjoy high-quality food every time you visit this place. There are also some discounts available during major festivals like Eid and Christmas celebrations as well as weekends where they offer special deals on certain dishes only available during those days.


Fujiyama is a Japanese restaurant that has a great menu, and it’s also good for kids. The staff are friendly, the food is delicious, and they have a good atmosphere. The sushi here is unique because they use salmon instead of cooked meat in their rolls. They also have lots of different types of sushi including California rolls (cucumber), spicy tuna rolls (spicy tuna), salmon sashimi (salmon), and shrimp tempura roll.

best restaurants Chinese cuisine

Zouk Cafe & Restaurant

Zouk Cafe & Restaurant is located on the complex plaza, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore. The interiors are simple and elegant, with wooden furniture, glass chandeliers, and large windows that look out onto a garden courtyard. The restaurant offers an all-day menu with over 200 items from breakfast to dinner.

The cuisine here is Mediterranean-inspired Pakistani food, which means there are plenty of seafood dishes on offer. The pricing here will vary depending on what you order but expect it to be around Rs800 per person excluding taxes & service charges.

best restaurants sea food

Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is a family restaurant that has been around since the early 20s. It’s located in Lahore and serves Italian food, with a variety of pasta dishes and pizzas available for lunch and dinner. The menu includes starters like bruschetta (toast topped with tomato sauce) and an antipasto platter filled with meats, cheeses, olives, and vegetables. Main courses such as penne pasta served with chicken Parmesan or spaghetti bolognaise, desserts such as tiramisu (a dessert made from ladyfingers soaked in espresso) or cannoli cream cheesecake topped off with milk chocolate.

Italian Food

The price range varies depending on what kind of experience you want at this restaurant, if it’s just yourself or perhaps your parents who would be dining there then eating out here will cost between Rs1000-2000 per person while if you’re dining alone then expect to pay at least Rs 4000 per person due to its high-quality ingredients used during the preparation process.

Italian Dessert

Nando’s Pakistan

Nando’s is a chain of restaurants that serve Portuguese-inspired cuisine. It was founded in South Africa and has over 1,000 locations all around the world. You can find Nando’s in Pakistan as well.

Their specialty is their spicy peri-peri sauce, which has been described by critics as being “absolutely delicious” and “on par with the best hot sauces in town”. If you’re looking for comfort food but want something unique, then this is definitely worth trying out.

best restaurants peri peri sauce

Eating At These Best Restaurants Will Be A Memorable Experience

The food is delicious. You’re sure to be hounded by your friends for the dish you just ate. Service is good. If you have any other questions about what to order or need any help ask them. They really want your dining experience to be enjoyable and memorable. The location is convenient for eating at these restaurants. Their locations are easy enough to find.


Now that you have read our list of the best restaurants in Pakistan. Each one is unique and will be sure to suit your taste buds well and we hope you have a better idea of what to expect from your meal. Whether it’s a fancy dinner for two or a quick bite at one of these places, there are so many options out there. We hope our list has given you some ideas about where to go next time you’re looking for a new place to eat.