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Habits are actions and behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. We repeat most of our actions every day without even noticing them. These actions affect our personalities. For example, if you have a habit of chewing your nails, then your fingers will look bad. That is why it is necessary to take notice of our habits and actions. This way we can avoid bad habits and try to build good ones. As a university student, you are exposed to a broad range of activities and ideas. These activities and ideas affect your personality and change most of your habits. Thus, if you pick up some good habits and avoid the bad ones. You will notice a positive change in your personality. Thus, it is necessary to have good habits. Here is a list of habits you can build as a university student.


“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. We have read or heard this quote quite a lot of times since we were kids. But many of us failed to understand the meaning behind it. The habit of sleeping early and waking up early is beneficial for our physical and mental health. This was the lesson that was being conveyed to us via this quote. Waking up early increases your organizing skills, and it also reduces stress. Waking up early and having a good night’s sleep also increases your productivity. When you wake up early you are quite fresh and active throughout your day. It also saves time because when you wake up early you have enough time to get ready, eat a healthy meal, and exercise. That is why building a habit of waking up early is necessary for students.

Bulding a habit of waking up early

The best way to make a habit of waking up early is to sleep early as well. If you sleep late at night then your body and mind won’t get enough rest and it will become difficult to wake up. You should also avoid sugary drinks, coffee, and late-night snaking. As they will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Also, the most important thing to do is to avoid using your phone before falling asleep. It is quite a difficult thing to do, but it has its benefits. You should place your alarm clock across the room so that you have to stand up from your bed to turn it off. This will help you in getting out of your bed early and have an early start.


Engaging in discussions is an essential part of university education. It refers to examining a topic and processing the information about it. When done in groups it refers to a group discussion. It helps students to process information, rather than receive it. The main goal of these discussions is to improve the critical thinking of students. So, you should engage in technical discussions, and you should discuss the topics that you have studied with your classmates. it increases your critical thinking. So, building a habit of participating in discussions will increase your critical thinking. It will also build your conversational skills. It will help in increasing your confidence level. Providing you with various opportunities in the future. Thus, it is necessary to build a habit of engaging in discussions.

Buld a habit of participating in discussion


Reading books can work wonders for you. It will increase your focus, communication skills, your critical thinking, and much more. Reading any book whether it be a course-related book, a fiction book, or a non-fiction book will have positive effects on you. It will help you groom your personality and increase your vocabulary. It will also improve your speaking skills. Reading also reduces stress and improves sleep. It also improves concentration and level of focus as well. Thus, it is necessary to build a reading habit as a student, as it will also help you in the future in getting jobs.

Build a habit of reading books

So, how can you build a habit of reading? The very first thing to do is to avoid distractions, this means putting away your phone. Then you can start by selecting a peaceful environment and a place where you usually don’t go. These two steps will help you in getting a kick start to your reading journey. Another thing you can do is to read a variety of books at the same time. Also, try reading on different formats. Like eBooks, physical copies, and audiobooks. These are some steps you can follow to start building a reading habit.


Writing activity yields several psychological, emotional, and intellectual benefits. It is also quite helpful for students as well, and for those who are on their way to success. Writing is a form of communication. Those who are good at it will have higher chances of getting successful in the future. Writing can also help reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness. Writing about a wonderful day will help you in remembering it quite often. Also writing about a terrible experience can help you in reducing the trauma. Writing also improves your creativity. You also become more productive and your focus increases when you are writing. It increases career opportunities. It also helps in developing a thought process mindset for students. You start to get better at writing as your write. Thus, you should build a habit of writing every day to yield its benefits.

Build a habit of writing every day

How can you build a habit of writing every day? You can start by setting up a writing space for writing. Then start each day by journaling. Journaling evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present while keeping perspective. With journaling, you can also keep track of your goals and your progress. The next thing to do is to set aside a fixed time for which you will write every day. During that time keep yourself free from all sorts of distractions and focus on writing. You can then set word count goals and time limit goals for word count to get better at writing. The best exercise that I use is to set a timer of 20 minutes and start writing anything that comes to mind. This exercise will help you in getting into the habit of writing. Your writing will also improve because of it.

These are some necessary habits that you can build as a university student. All these habits will prove quite helpful to you in the future. They will make your personality shine and create many opportunities for you to avail.