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5 Things to Look up for in University Education System

As of 2019, the literacy rate in Pakistan rose to 58%, and the number is increasing. According to research, only 12% of the whole population attended university in 2019. The number has increased since 2010 which was around 5%, at that time. If you are among the people who are already in university or are going to join a university. Then you will notice some differences in education and various things in university. Here is a list of 5 things to look up in the university education system.


The first thing that you will notice in university education is the use of Digital books. That is because a single course can use a variety of different books for each topic in the course content. That is why students in university prefer to use digital copies of books. Because one cannot carry too many books at the same time. This way you can save money instead of purchasing books. That is why purchasing a whole book becomes useless. That is why most students use digital books rather than physical ones.

Dgital books over Physical copies
Digital books on Kindle


Another thing that you would notice is that your education will be based on research. Rather than learning a topic and writing it down. Because the main focus of universities is to produce individuals that are well-versed in research and can solve real-time problems. That is not possible when you only learn the topic from a book. You should also do some self-research on it. The course instructors will sometimes give you research papers to study and review. They will then assign you to prepare and deliver a presentation about the research paper.

Research based education
Group Researching among students


Another thing to look out for would be the seminars and workshops. The workshops are conducted by your department. The seminars in particular are sometimes conducted digitally. In these seminars, you would get the chance to listen to a professional in your field. He or She will share his or her views about the recent developments and research that are occurring in your field. You can also ask him or her questions about these developments and introduce your ideas to the person. Such an exchange of ideas is going to get you recognized among professionals and increase your knowledge about recent developments and research.

Workshops and Seminars 1
Live seminar

In workshops, you will be learning about a particular process that is related and sometimes unrelated to your field, in such workshops, you will get hand-to-hand training on various topics and will be able to learn directly from professionals of the respective topic. Seminars would last for several hours and is a one-day procedure, while workshops are like mini-courses that could last several weeks and provide practical education on the topic of interest.


Industrial visits are one-day training sessions that are conducted on the premises of the industry. Here students will observe the different processes that they learn about in various courses and can get a practical understanding of them with ease, such visits are organized by the respective departments of your fields. These visits are quite common in engineering departments. Mostly senior students are taken to a well-recognized industry where the experts give them a tour of the whole industry while explaining the different processes that are taking place within the industry.

Industrial visits 1
Industrial visit

The companies also focus on educating the students about the industry’s Health and Safety (HSE) procedures and teach them about the safety measures to take in the case of an accident or emergency. These are the prospects of industrial visits which educates the students about the various processes they have studied in books. They also provide them the knowledge that can only be learned by observing the processes in real-time. A certificate is awarded to the students participating in the industrial visit. The course instructors accompanying on the visit also assigns students to write a report about the visit.

Health and Saftey
Health and Safety


Various projects and presentations also play a huge part in university education. These projects and presentations are performed individually by one person or by a group of people. A project is usually submitted in the final year of students and is mainly based on all of the knowledge that they have acquired in their past years of education in the university, such projects are necessary for rewarding the students with a degree, and if ranked above all the other projects submitted by various students can get recognition among industries as well, increasing the chances of obtaining jobs for the individual or group of individuals who have worked on the project.

Projects and Presentatons 1
Presentation in seminar

Sometimes your course instructor might also assign you a project to gain marks in the subject that they are teaching, this all amounts to increasing your knowledge regarding the subjects. Presentations on the other hand are assigned by course instructors regarding various topics of their subject, such presentations carry marks and also helps in improving the presentation skills of individuals that work on the presentation. You will be required to make digital representations(slides) of your topic and explain them by presenting them on a projector in front of the whole class, doing so will help in increasing your confidence and will also help in improving your conversational skills as well.

Students working on Group project

These are five major things to look up in the university’s educational system. There are other various things to notice about education at a university. But the topics discussed above are the major things that one would notice while studying at a university in Pakistan and universities all over the world.

In short, the educational system of a university is based on professionalism. It also encourages students to improve their personalities as well.