Social Media Marketing: Tips for Creating Good Content

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Social Media Marketing is the most popular marketing strategy in recent times. Businesses are becoming more digital. Therefore, the marketing strategies should be planned according to them. The old form of marketing such as TV Ads, newspaper Ads, pamphlets, or flyers are not able to compete with this advancing digital world. Hence, Social Media Marketing … Read more

WhatsApp Down In Pakistan Causes Outrage In Every City


An hour ago, due to an unknown issue, the most popular social networking application “WhatsApp” has stopped working. This problem is not only being faced in Pakistan, but also across many countries. People have started to search for “WhatsApp down in Pakistan” and to be honest, the hashtag #whatsappdown has started to trend on the … Read more

How to get more Facebook reviews, Largest Social Network


Collecting Facebook reviews is one of the numerous services that assist company owners in progressing further on Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networks. However, getting consumers to submit evaluations on their Facebook page might be difficult. So, in this post, we’ll teach you how to earn reviews on your Facebook business page so … Read more

How to Use SEO in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?


DIGITAL MARKETING. Businesses need an effective search engine optimization (SEO) marketing plan to get better rankings for their keywords. Your site will be better off if you use the right SEO marketing strategy, including essential parts. In this section, you can read about the things that make for a good SEO marketing strategy, as well … Read more

Great news for Microsoft users


The world’s most popular American software company ‘Microsoft’ has come up with a great convenience for the users. According to a foreign news agency, ‘Microsoft’ users have introduced the facility of free 24 hours video call on their platform ‘TEAMS’. In order to prevent and prevent the spread of the deadly virus Corona, which is … Read more

iPhone 12 is almost here! Full Phone Specifications

iPhone 12 2

The famous American smartphone company Apple, which introduces its new iPhone every year, is going to introduce a new iPhone in the market this year also called iPhone 12. The company has announced that the iPhone will be launched on Tuesday, October 13. iPhone 12… All you Need to Know About When any phone is … Read more

Best SmartPhones 2020: Budget-Friendly

best smartphones 2020

Smartphones have become a basic need of every person nowadays. Whether it’s making phone calls or taking pictures of someone with a camera, texting or writing a diary on a daily basis, a smartphone can solve many of your problems. In the beginning very few people used to have a smartphone but now it has … Read more

Best Hybrid Laptops In 2020

2 in 1 Laptops Of 2020

If you are looking for a portable device with exceptional processing power, light ‘n flexible design and portability then you might wanna take a look at the  Best Hybrid Laptops In 2020. These laptops combine the best features of both laptops and tablet industries into one device. As far as processing power and performance goes … Read more

Best Gaming Smartphones In 2020

Best Gaming Smartphones

INTRODUCTION Gaming smartphones are increasing in demand with time as gaming is one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries of our times. Although top gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo etc are still out there smartphones users want the best gaming experience within their smartphones. This may surprise you but top gaming smartphones are the best … Read more