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Is it good to Invest in Blue World City

Is it good to Invest in Blue World City?

The Blue World City is the finest of pearls that Pakistan has ever had. It is a futuristic lodging society in the vicinity of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and the CPEC Route. Blue World City is adjacent to the Motorway M-2, and the New Islamabad International Airport is on the right side of the lodging society. It is the investors’ pride and the clients’ heaven.  

Investing in Blue World City will be the best step to take, and let us tell you why. 

RDA Approved Society

The Rawalpindi Session Court recently ruled in the favor of Blue World City Islamabad in a case brought by the housing society against RDA over the Blue World City NOC. This was a big win for Blue World Management, who are now looking to expand their influence over the project by buying more land. Once all legal documents are accepted, the future of this housing project in Islamabad is very bright. 

Honorable Developers 

The Blue World City is owned and established by the Blue Group of Companies. The lodging society’s owner, Saad Nazir, is the son of Chaudhry Nazir, an ex-Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. 

The Blue Group of Companies is one of the top five real estate developers in the nation. The company was initiated in 1989 in the city of Lahore. Architectural design and construction services were their expertise at the time. Soon, they broadened their vision and contributed to real estate development, IT support, marketing, bricks design and commercial printing. 

The Blue Group of Companies is a representation of trust, quality and nobility. They are staunch believers of merit and their projects reflect this vividly. 

First-Ever Pak-China Housing Project  

It is widely known that China is one of Pakistan’s closest allies and this project will be a peerless symbol of this friendship. The Blue Group of Companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to ensure high-quality production. It is a well-known multinational organization headquartered in China. 

Blue world City will symbolize how powerful the wondrous bond of friendship can be and what splendid work it is capable of in togetherness. 

Chinese Architecture and Development 

Blue World City is Pakistan’s first housing venture, with qualified Chinese engineers and professionals at the helm. Since the Chinese are well-trained and have mastery in the worldwide creation of cutting-edge real estate projects, this project’s development can only be expected to be outstanding.

The infrastructure of the lodging society will be designed using Chinese techniques and architecture. The master plan and architectural design of the society is inspired by contemporary Chinese city architecture. 

Noteworthy Features

The Blue World City shall ensure the provision of all basic necessities and world-class amenities. Some of the many features of the lodging society are as follows, 

  • Gated city
  • Installation of an identity verification gate device
  • 24/7 security surveillance  
  • E-tag system
  • Ambulance facilities and hospitals 
  • Educational Institutions
  • Green service areas
  • Series of blue mart stores
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Golf courses
  • Ceaseless power supply 

Replica of Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, also known as the Blue Mosque, is a classical Muslim architectural wonder. Muslims all over the world venerate it. A fine replica of it will be built in Blue World City, which will be in keeping with the theme of the lodging society. After the Faisal Mosque, it will be the next major landmark.

Cost-Effective Housing 

Awami Complex, which caters to the needs of the people on a tighter budget, offers affordable villas for quality lovers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Awami Complex consists of a variety of flat sizes and Duplex Villas, all with their own distinct style and framework. The complex also includes single and family units, parks, common areas, and offices.

The Awami complex offers unmatched apartments and villas with outstanding architectural designs, allowing a more comfortable and pleasant lifestyle with access to numerous amenities. 

Attraction of Overseas Pakistanis 

The Overseas Pakistanis are always on the search of a housing society that is in accordance to their lifestyle abroad. The Blue World City shall provide accommodations for them that matches up to their expectations. The launch of the Overseas Block has heightened the excitement and electricity in the air. It has been meticulously built for the benefit and comfort of Overseas Pakistanis who appreciate high-end amenities. 

Uplifting the Tourism Industry 

The arising of real estate tourism is marked by a surge in the foreigners’ interest in living or investing in the area, which boosts and encourages the generation of future revenue in the real estate sector through rent and sale of properties.

Pakistan’s most recent property ventures apart from Blue World City, such as Park View City and Capital Smart City, have planned a specific overseas block to boost tourism.

With the Chinese association on the project, there is no doubt that the tourism industry of Pakistan will benefit greatly. The Chinese people pouring into the country for the construction of the lodging society will enjoy a residence there as well. 

Closeness to the CPEC Route 

The CPEC project is a joint venture between Pakistan and China aimed at strengthening trade relations between the two countries. 

Blue World City is located near the CPEC Route, which is convenient. Because of the CPEC Project, a large number of Chinese employees will be able to relocate to Blue World City in the coming years.

High Market Trend

The Capital’s pearl, Blue World City has been in high demand for nearly five years. The 5 Marla plots are the most popular and have the most common plot size for buyers due to its early pre-start in the year. A significant number of 5 Marla plots have already been sold. Since the plots are only available on a down payment basis, there is no need to reset the entire payment schedule over a period of time.

Dealers are free to keep records, ensuring that no additional expenses are incurred if there are any changes whatsoever. As a result, Blue World City is a viable choice for those seeking higher returns on a smaller investment. 


For investors living or investing in the area, Blue World City offers enhanced security, advanced features, and a prime location. Do not delay your decision of investing in Blue World City. Estate Land Marketing vouches for this lodging society, that it will be a paradigm of intellectual modernity.