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How To Become An Instagram Influencer

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Instagram Influencer is a user of Instagram who has a lot of followers, which
means that the Influencer has their attention. This attention can be used in the favour of advertisement, product promotion etc. The brand owners spend billions of dollars just so their product could be seen with a famous personality, in this case, we call that personality an Instagram Influencer.

They are provided with free brands for their promotion and they do it very effectively. As an Instagram Influencer, they have a deep relationship of trust with their audience and viewers.
Most people come in this field as it seems an easy way to become famous and make a good fortune, but it is not as easy as it seems. But if you are passionate about it then there are steps given below you can follow to achieve your goal.

Discover your Niche

To become an Instagram Influencer, first think about what you are going to blog on Instagram like fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, etc. Make sure you are passionate about your niche or else you won’t be able to blog about it as effectively as possible. It should be something that is natural to you and makes you exceptional in what you do.

Make a Business Account

Once you know what is your niche and passion, the second thing you should do is to make a business account or change your public account into a business account. Doing so will provide you with extra features that help you determine what are the interests of your followers later on. This account should have a professional look and an aesthetic vibe in it.

Form an Attractive Bio

If a new user views your account he or she should be drawn from one post to next, that is the kind of attraction your profile should have. Many Instagram Influencer use their profile effectively that catches the attention of the viewers and brand your profile is the most important element of being an Instagram Influencer.

Stay Active


Now you have a proper setup, next thing to become an effective Instagram Influencer is to post about your niche while maintaining your content’s quality.
Remember giving priority to “ quantity over quality “ is never a good choice.
Staying active includes uploading photos with relevant cations and stories regarding your niche. As an Influencer, you should be able to connect with your followers on every level of life and as your follower, they want to know everything you do on a daily base.

Invest and Ask for Feedback

As said earlier, you will have to be able to share your experience with your followers as effectively as possible. For that, you are gonna need a decent camera and a photographer. Some users form a group online to help each other by sharing resources and offer guidance to help others. There are also online courses available which will guide you step by step how to build up your profile as an Instagram Influencer.

Being an Instagram Influencer, you will also have to take into consideration the valuable feedback of your followers, their likes and dislike etc. This will help you grow as an Influencer and your fanbase will also increase. As an Influencer, your value will be determined by your followers.

Be available and Start Promoting

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Once you believe you have enough following you should connect with different brand owners. You should have a strong profile and a striking bio that draws sponsors. Let them know what kind of following you have, how can you promote their products and what makes you a perfect Instagram Influencer who can work in the promotion of their products.
But remember that you are promoting a product you because you know it’s valued and also the interest of your followers. This will maintain your trust with your followers which are your asset on Instagram.

Only promote, don’t buy or sell


As an Influencer, your job is to promote the product you truly think is trustworthy and you have considerable knowledge about. If you are gathering fake followers and just trying to post stories about whatever is trending you will lose credibility in the eyes of real followers and brand owners. This will also harm the progress you have made so far on your own

Some useful tips

  • Use your picture rather than a logo
  • Keep reminding yourself what’s your passion
  • Stick to your field
  • Focus on your audience
  • Be honest and gain the trust of your followers
  • Promote the brand that matches your niche
  • Keep up the hard work

Finally, remember that you also have a life outside Instagram which is the source of your inner peace. If your mind is not relaxed you won’t be able to create engaging content for your audience and even they have their personal life without millions of people’s instant response and appreciation.