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Fakhar-Al-Oudh – Order Oudh and Attars Online and Get it delivered at your Doorstep in Pakistan

The Attar was also very much liked by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In Islam, Oudh & Attars enjoys Sunnah’s status. That’s why every Muslim who goes to offer prayers likes to use Attars.

When you think of wood perfume, you don’t consider it a source of happiness. However, did you also realize that wood is considered to be one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world? Its name is Oud and the fragrance based on Oudh is making it an important value in the world of fragrance. Oudh itself has a long, rich, and famous history. If you are passionate about fragrances, you will realize that Oudh is a desirable and popular fragrance.

 Being one of the best Oudh and Attars provider companies in Pakistan. Fakhar Al Oudh is providing pure, unique and quality products for men and women at an affordable price while maintaining the standards. Our vision is to achieve a unique, successful, and respected position in the world of perfumery. Our brand is committed to supplying exotic attar all over Pakistan. Our goal is to improve and maintain the traditions, values ​​and natural beauty of eve.

The main idea behind the launch of Fakhr al Oudh was to reintroduce the traditional Oudh in Pakistan with a mixture of innovations and revive the tradition of gifting perfume at various events. Testing this unusual blend has piqued people’s interest in oriental fragrances, which will always be a great source of happiness. They differ from the fragrance of light fresh flowers to heavy musk, which is very pleasant and charming. Those senses are formal and valued by our clients. We focus only on creating long-lasting and high-quality Attars fragrances for our customers. We believe that smell and flavors are essential elements of human wealth.

Why and how to use Oudh and Attars

Many companies are providing Oudh and perfumes in Pakistan. But our company provides pure, unique and long-lasting Oudhs & Attars in online Pakistan with free home delivery. There is an important difference between Oudh and artificial perfume. Attar is oil-based and one can spread over it directly on the body. 

Pricing Detail Here:

Oudh collection for men

Here is Exclusively High-Quality Perfume oil Attar at best price for men with pricing detail. Our Attars Have a Pleasant & Prolonged Lasting Smell.

  1. Dasm-Al-oudh ( Rs 3,100 – Rs 13,900 )
  2. Dumanli oudh ( Rs 4,100 – Rs 17,900 )
  3. Fa’ek-Ul-Jamal ( Rs 2,600 – Rs 11,900 )
  4. Oudh-Al-Qamar ( Rs 3,500 – Rs 14,600 )
  5. Harfler ( Rs 2,900 – Rs 13,100 )

Oudh collection for women

Here is the best Quality Perfume oil Attar at the best price for women with pricing detail. Our Attars Have a long-lasting & unique Smell.

  1. Ayin-e-Mahdiya (Rs 4,000 – Rs 17,500)
  2. Dasm-al-Oudh (Rs 3,100 – Rs 13,900)
  3. Hayat (Rs 3,500 – Rs 15,500)
  4. Mufa’jaa (Rs 3,300 – Rs 11,400
  5.  Oudh-e-Hona (Rs 3,000 – Rs 13,500)

If you are interested in buying Oudh and Attars online in Pakistan then visit, Fakhar-Al-Oudh online store as it is the place where you can find the largest selection of Oudh Perfume. Experience the best oud perfume in Pakistan for men & women and pay cash on delivery with free home delivery across Pakistan.