Pakistan Among Top 10 Countries For Japan Hiring And Offering Them Working Visas


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Japan will hire skilled individuals from Pakistan and offer them working visas to counter developing reduction in its populace. Japan is perhaps the most extravagant nation on the planet.

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Japanese Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda reported this new advancement during association with chose columnists who met him at his living arrangement here on Friday evening.

We are going to open a working visa for skilled Pakistan laborers. We are wanting to procure Pakistani talented laborers in great numbers. We need talented specialists, as our populace is contracting by each spending day. We are to sign an MOU with the Pakistan government in a month’s time, empowering the Pakistan gifted laborers to have uncertain visa of Japan,” the representative said.

Kuninori said Pakistan was one of the 10 top nations from where Japan was wanting to enlist laborers. “We need talented laborers from Pakistan, as Pakistanis working there in Japan are very gave, genuine and gifted and are adding to the nation’s improvement.

The envoy anyway said that for gifted individuals there was have to learn the Japanese language. “Realizing the Japanese language would be an unquestionable requirement. It is probably the simplest language around and simple to become accustomed to.

He said the individuals who effectively get the visa and pass their initial five years in Japan, would be qualified to bring their families with them. A significant level trades by a head administrator and president would before long be lateralized.

On Sunday, President Dr Arif Alvi would land in Japan to take an interest in the crowning ritual service. The Sunday calendar excursion would see the leader of Pakistan meeting with the high dignitaries of Japan.


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