What is the method of using Multani Mud and how many days in a week should it be used?


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Multani mud is an important tonic for enhancing beauty but what is the right way to use it and what kind of skin it is more useful for you to know and enhance your beauty easily:

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How to use:

Use Multani mud mixed with milk, sour yogurt, tomato juice, sandal powder, honey, lemon juice and rose juice. This is the best way to use it which will give you good results.

On which skin should be used:

It is for normal skin other than oily skin, Multani mud does not give any special results on dry skin.

How many times a week to apply:

Use Multani mud usually two to three times a week.

Too much oily skin

Only those whose skin is very oily should use it daily as it helps in controlling the oil.


If your skin is sunburned, blackened, then using it with coconut water gives the best results.

For Acne:

For acne, using it with mint paste will not leave any spots and the acne will also come under control.


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